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Moira Ashleigh is an active pagan and an ongoing contributing member of the EarthSpirit Community. She began writing poetry in high school, while taking a class in creative writing. Moira has a Masters degree in Theater and Dance from Emerson College, Boston, MA, USA. She has performed in both the United States and Europe, most recently with the EarthSpirit Ritual Performance Group MotherTongue. She sees art and magic as interactive processes, and is often entranced and inspired by the rhythms, patterns, and visual awakenings that are there when one looks for them in the cracks between.

Moira came to the Internet with the help of her friends at Utopia, and fell in love with the magic of putting letters and numbers on a page then pressing a button and seeing beautiful colors and images appear. She first began manipulating graphics when she needed to airbrush someone out of a picture, and magically out of her life. Moira is looking forward to the increasing artistic and performance usage of the Cyberspace.

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Duncan Eagleson actively resists labels of all types, though when pressed, he admits to having accepted labels like magician, artist, and drummer. For almost 25 years he has made his living as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. Though best known for his book and magazine illustration, he has also worked in film and theatre, producing designs for posters, sets, costume, makeup and masks, as well as in comics, contributing to DC's renowned "Sandman" series, and creating the graphic novel adaptation of Anne Rice's "The Witching Hour".

Duncan has always been fascinated by the possibilities inherent in computer graphics, and the rich potential of the Internet, but only launched himself into cyberspace after Jeff Magnus McBride hired him to create the an online graphic novel for the mcbridemagic website (the first chapter of this work is now online at Duncan agrees with Internet pioneer Ira Fuchs that "saying the Web is about information is like saying cooking is about oven temperatures."

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