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Choosing your Clan

Make sure that you read over all of the Clan descriptions carefully. There are many wonderful possibilities. On your registration form, you will need to list four Clans as possible choices for the weekend. We will try to give everyone their first or second choice, but it is important that you indicate four preferences since we assign the Clans primarily on a first-come first-served basis and some will fill up quickly.

Number your preferences from 1 to 4, with 1 being your first choice. Registration forms which are filled out incompletely will only delay processing time, making it less likely that first choices will be available.

So that Clan Leaders can best meet the needs of all of the members of their Clan, whatever their level of experience, we ask that everyone answer all of the questions on the registration form.

All of the Clans at Twilight Covening are designed to provide deep and fulfilling experiences. Some Clans, indicated with an asterisk (*), include work that relies on past experience or is especially challenging. If you would like to apply to join one of these Clans, please let us know why and include a description of your training, skills and practice with this kind of work in your application along with information about the kind of support system you have in place outside of Twilight Covening (coven, teacher, therapist, etc.). If you do not include all of this information, we cannot assign you to one of these Clans.

To fully complete the ritual of Twilight Covening, you should arrive by dinner time on Friday and must plan to stay on site until Monday afternoon so that you don't miss your Clan's final meeting or the closing circle.

Clan assignments will be finalized and mailed after the registration deadline of September 26. We will have a master list in the office; please call if you have not received your assignment by October 5th.

Clans 2014

Atlas Moth Clan
One of the largest and most ornate moths in the world, the Atlas Moth is a master of disguise; using color and mimicry it adapts easily, moving through the world.  In Atlas Moth Clan we will learn and use several different methods of sacred body painting to support and aid in our Magickal Work. Gentle movement, several forms of meditation, and journey work will be incorporated into the body painting processes. The goal of the Atlas Moth is to discover and explore how marking one’s body facilitates and strengthens magick. No artistic training or skill is required. This clan may not be suited for those with body paint sensitivities or severe allergies. Participants should be comfortable baring arms and legs in clan times.
Atlas Moths will share a cabin.
Kelley B, leader

Burrowing Owl Clan
The Burrowing Owl, small and unassuming, is a master of two worlds. They hunt the skies day and night, before returning to their homes in the earth below. In the autumnal gloaming of the mountain, join Burrowing Owl clan as we connect with earth and sky, above and below, within and without, to center ourselves where their edges meet and walk the ways between them. The Way lives within you. We will purposefully create a 7 circuit classical labyrinth as our main tool for this work, building a dynamic energy gateway to All That Is. Using energy exercises, breath work, stone allies, key magic and gentle movement the clan will experience the labyrinth on a richer level. Sink deeply into All That Is and open to receive guidance. Our work will be physically active at times and we will spend much of the weekend outdoors regardless of weather. No prior experience with the labyrinth is needed.
Burrowing Owl clan will share a cabin.
Tracy Andryc and Sarah Lynn, leaders

Butterfly Clan
We all go through many transitions in our lives, formal and informal, easeful and challenging. In this Clan we will take the opportunity to visualize and shape a current life-transition using creative self-expression - integrating magical tools such as music, movement, Taketina, and art-making. These tools will especially help those who normally focus on their "left brain" (analyzing, thinking, planning), by developing and strengthen your right-brain skills. The tools will support your personal transitions, as well as your contributions to the community and the planet. This Clan is geared for people of all ages who are in any stage of a transition that involves your place in the world.  
Morwen Two Feathers, leader

Crane Clan
Mannanan Mac Lyr, a Celtic sea god, created a crane-skin bag in which he kept “treasure of powers of many virtues”.  This treasure was the secret alphabet of the “people beyond the waves”, and as such was the precursor of all Celtic magical alphabets.  In this clan, we will open the Crane Bag and discover the secrets of these magical alphabets known as Coelbren. Translated as “wood memorials”, the letters of these alphabets were most often formed of or carved on pieces of wood associated with the magical properties of indigenous trees. Both the Irish Ogam and the Welsh Ystorry alphabets not only correspond with trees, but with specific sounds and with lines from magical poetry; “The Song of Amergin” and the “Hanes Taliesin”. In Crane Clan, we will explore many of the mysterious uses and significance of the Coelbren, including “spell” work created through sound vibrations and written words of power.  We will utilize the oracular power of these letters through methods of casting and drawing, to uncover meaningful prophecy for our own transformation.  By opening in meditation to the trees around us, we will seek our own hidden messages, as the magical letters appear to us in the shape of the branches.  We will also create our own set of Coelbren to take home, so we can continue our work into the dark time and back into the light.
Juniper Talbot, leader

Golden Eagle*
In this advanced clan, we will use the techniques of the shamanic journey to strengthen our relationships with our inner council of helpers and guides, expand our personal spiritual geographies, and discover new resources for growth, healing and transformation. In a safe and sacred circle we will enter trance with drum, rattle, and ritual, explore multiple levels of the shamanic universe and learn a variety of classic shamanic practices. Open to all who have been in the Eagle Clan or who indicate comparable experience on their application.
Jane LeCompte, Andrew Arthur, leaders

Great Ape Clan
Release yourself from the unnecessary, and experience the power of ritual through acts of creation. We, the family of Great Apes, are unique in our ability to find and fashion the tools we need to sustain us from the resources available in our natural environment. We also have an extraordinary capacity to reflect on our world and give form to these reflections. In this clan, we will use ourselves and found natural materials to create art, tools, fire, sacred space, and ritual. This Clan will be physically demanding and will spend much of its time outdoors. 
The Great Ape Clan will share a cabin.
Mark Girard, Shelly Wilson, leaders

Explore the dark side of sensuality. As like attracts like, sometimes you have to go to the darker depths to release, empower, or learn the hidden truths that lie within. The Gryphon clan explores the techniques
of Dark Eros, utilizing guided meditation, breathing, and light S & M work to help you on a journey to find your winter work. The clan is designed to allow you the freedom to push your own boundaries in a safe, sane, consensual and nurturing environment. The clan is advanced, and those with issues with being touched, frank discussion of human sexuality and sensuality, might find the clan too challenging.
Zann, leader

Hooded Crow*
Shapeshifter, Guiser, Skinwalker, Were...  there are many terms for human beings who morph and shift into other shapes, animal or otherwise.  Changing shape has been a part of spiritual and magical practices for centuries. The hooded or hoodie crow, also called the corbie, with its fey connections, is known as a shapeshifter in Celtic tales. It is a favored guise of the threefold goddess Badb, Macha and Nemain, collectively known as the Morrigan. In this clan, we'll explore the use of masks, movement, extended trance and other techniques to shift our mental and psychic shapes to give voice and body to beings who are Other than our conscious day-to-day selves. Step out of the box and find a more fluid way of being in the world.
Hooded Crow clan will share a cabin.
Duncan Eagleson and Moira leaders

Humpback Whale Clan
For whales, the voice is magical. Humpbacks, in particular, communicate via an array of creaks and groans, with themes and melodies, collectively known as “whalesong.” To date, scientists have no idea how these mysterious sounds are produced. For humans, the voice can be merely an unconscious connection to the outside world, or it can be a magical tool, focused for the purpose of changing ourselves and the world around us. Humans are the only species who use words — words which hold power. But the voice behind the words modulates the power, transforming the mundane into the magical. This clan uses voice and silence, language and non-language, including recitations, vocalizations, and some chanting and singing, as we explore the magic of the human voice.  
Chris & Katie LaFond, leaders

Ibis Clan
Ibises were sacred to the ancient Egyptians, and considered them a manifestation of Thoth, who was credited him as the author of all works of, astronomy, astrology, the science of numbers, mathematics, geometry, land surveying, and sacred science.   We will be working with techniques to creating our own contemporary ritualized landscape, incorporating aspects of astronomically aligned megalithic structures and sacred geometry inspired by variety of cultures and times. During this process, we will work with the land itself in constructing a “sacred site", utilizing archaeological / anthropological studies and elements of comparative mythology, we will incorporate common aspects of sacred, or ritualized, landscape, infused with sacred geometry, observational astronomy, and internal/personalized mythology, to assist in generating shifts of personal and group consciousness. We will be spending considerable time outside working with the land, both day and night, with an all night vigil on Saturday.
Ibis Clan will share a cabin.
Wolf Grathwohl, leader

Kodiak Clan*
While “Bear” is often seen as always available to help as needed, even the great bears take time to recover, to hibernate and allow the Earth to deeply nourish their spirits. In the Kodiak clan we will explore techniques that can nourish our Work - practicing shape-shifting to deepen our understanding of and relationship with stone, tree & water- allowing them to teach us how to better help those we serve.  Then we will learn to be still, to “hibernate” psychically, allowing those elements to perceive for us.  We will let the Earth support and restore us as fully as we support those we protect.  Some experience with trance is helpful, but not mandatory.  
Rose Starwind, leader

Lynx Clan
Seeing the smallest motion and hearing what is hidden, the Lynx knows the feel of its environment and relies on all of its senses to hunt at night and to avoid danger. How actively do you pay attention to what all of your senses are telling you, especially the inner non-physical senses?  Learn and practice tuning in to your inner psychic vision, while still being aware of the world around you. Learn when the voice in your head isn't your own thinking. Tell the difference between worrying and a gut feeling or intuition that is telling you something new.  Begin to explore ways that you can quickly tune in to what is around you with all of your physical and intuitive senses so you can choose if some action is needed. We will spend part of our clan time walking around the woods and water.
Eric Arthen, leader

Manx Shearwater Clan
The Manx Shearwater is a migratory bird that navigates by the stars.  The map above them points them unerringly to their destination.  Humans have learned how to use that same star map in their own physical and spiritual travels.  In this Clan, we will apply the basic principles of this art, known as astrology, to shaping our own life paths, and learn to read for others as well. We will learn about sun, moon and rising signs, the meanings attributed to each planet and the significance of their positions in relationship to each other.  No prior astrological knowledge required.
Miriam Klamkin, leader

Moose Clan
Welcome to the world of Northern European folk magic and herbal medicine. In this clan, we will explore aspects of the techniques, charms, and materials used in traditional healing, as well as doing hands-on preparation of salves, ointments, potions, and healing herbal teas. We welcome mobility- and otherwise ability-challenged participants.
Jane Sibley and Tchipakkan, leaders

Orb Weaver Clan*
The Orb Weavers are among a web weaving family of spiders. Each species using specific techniques and visual elements that draw the desired prey into their webs, just as the witch utilizes symbolic elements and forms to weave her intentions into manifestation. In this clan we will go deeper into the exploration of using Visual art as a tool in Ritual and magical working. Clan members will work both on collaborative and individual creations in support and reflection of the weekend's ritual journey. Clan members must have previously participated in the Spider Clan at Twilight Covening, or individuals with an immersive artistic practice may join with special permission from the clan leaders.
Martin Bridge and Kaye Kittredge, leaders

Phoenix Clan
The Phoenix is a symbol of fire, air and spirit that is reborn through a process of death, transformation and renewal.  As the Phoenix succumbs to the fire it does so willingly, ready to transition and be reborn to a higher plane.  The Phoenix clan will undertake the same process of death, transformation and renewal to release that which no longer serves, revealing a new path forward.  Through working together as a clan we will deepen our understanding of our transition to death and symbolically “die” before sitting an all-night vigil Saturday.  We will be reborn and spend time in silence with the outer-world as we focus inward, deepening connection with spirit and nature around us. This clan will use shamanic journey techniques, meditation in nature and journaling to facilitate our transformation. This clan will be physically active and will spend time outdoors.
Phoenix clan will share a cabin
Liz Porter and Ben Schuman, leaders

Raccoon Clan
In the culture that we live in, masks are ever-present as we offer ourselves to the world in the ways that we are expected to appear. In this Clan, we will take back the power of the mask by creating and using physical masks in several different ways. We will relinquish the energies that disguise us, find ways to strengthen and focus our will, and, through making plaster "life-masks," go deep within and be still while we create a visual reminder of how we can put our true selves out into the world.
Sue Curewitz Arthen, leader

Swift Clan
This clan is an active invitation for the core wisdom of our bodies to come alive. In daily life, our bodies are often silenced, stilled, or compromised.  Instead of loving acceptance, we find judgment and evaluation. We learn to suppress our physical needs and intuition, and so separate ourselves from our most vital knowledge.  What happens when we pause, and feel our true selves? How might we face the truth of that experience and allow it to guide our movement - rather than what we were told, or conditioned to do?  Come and put aside ideas of “pretty” or “good” or even “right” - and invite instead the truest and most authentic Self to dance - as instinctively and freely as a Swift flies. The Clan will utilize sound meditation, journaling, conscious communication, gentle yoga, and nature walks to deepen our connection to the moment.  Twice we will participate in dance journeys with live music.  No movement experience is necessary. By harvesting our genuine dance - and tolerating the 'truth' of our instinctive movement - we practice integrity on the floor - and for Life.
V. Josselyne Price and Janet Farnsworth, leaders

White Sow Clan
How many food memories do you hold? Do the smells of the kitchen transport you to another time?  Do you have comfort foods that you turn to when your body or soul need healing? Food is sacred. Preparation requires harnessing all 4 elements, and incorporating the result into our bodies.  As earth centered practitioners, we turn to herbs for healing, drink teas for visioning, and feast for celebration. Yet how many of us consume our daily meals with no regard for the magical potential they hold? This interactive clan invites you to empower your food. We will explore the magical kitchen, intentional cooking, planning recipes using foods for their magical properties, seasonal cooking and creating kitchen altars.  
Cerillian, leader

* indicates a Clan which requires an application for admission. These Clans require past training or are more likely to induce intense experiences that may trigger fear, vulnerability or other unexpected responses. If you would like to apply to join one of these Clans, please write a paragraph about why you are interested in this Clan at this time and include in your statement a description of your training, your skills and practice with this kind of work as well as a description of the kind of support system you have in place outside of Twilight Covening (coven, teacher, therapist, etc.).

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