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Twilight Covening Clan List

Choosing your Clan

Make sure that you read over all of the Clan descriptions carefully. There are many wonderful possibilities. On your registration form, you will need to list four Clans as possible choices for the weekend. We will try to give everyone their first or second choice, but it is important that you indicate four preferences since we assign the Clans primarily on a first-come first-served basis and some will fill up quickly.

Number your preferences from 1 to 4, with 1 being your first choice. Registration forms which are filled out incompletely will only delay processing time, making it less likely that first choices will be available.

So that Clan Leaders can best meet the needs of all of the members of their Clan, whatever their level of experience, we ask that everyone answer all of the questions on the registration form.

All of the Clans at Twilight Covening are designed to provide deep and fulfilling experiences. Some Clans, indicated with an asterisk (*), include work that relies on past experience or is especially challenging. If you would like to apply to join one of these Clans, please let us know why and include a description of your training, skills and practice with this kind of work in your application along with information about the kind of support system you have in place outside of Twilight Covening (coven, teacher, therapist, etc.). If you do not include all of this information, we cannot assign you to one of these Clans.

To fully complete the ritual of Twilight Covening, you should arrive by dinner time on Friday and must plan to stay on site until Monday afternoon so that you don't miss your Clan's final meeting or the closing circle.

Clan assignments will be finalized and mailed after the registration deadline of September 26. We will have a master list in the office; please call if you have not received your assignment by October 5th.

Clans 2016

October 7-10, 2016

Cricket Clan
Our voice is a powerful, magical tool, yet how many of us are comfortable stepping fully into it? On the mountain, lend your voice to our chorus of crickets, blending our unique energies to create a web of sound as a doorway to Spirit. We will spend the weekend entraining our voices with spoken word and chanting. These tools will be used to sculpt sacred sonic structure through energy techniques, sustainment, gentle movement, and trance. We will weave our personal workings into the magic of the larger gathering. Add your being to our Cricket magic. Weather permitting, our clan will spend time outdoors.
Sarah Lyn and Sarahluna, leaders

Deer Clan
Woodland animals learn to care for  themselves, with their food, shelter and activities all contributing to their well-being, within the interwoven web of Land and all beings.
We'll wander as the deer (as well as working inside), connecting with the green ones and making respectful use of what we find -- drying, infusing, tincturing and fermenting leaves, roots (and maybe fungi) that we find (and bring).  We'll include a session about Lyme disease in which we hope to meet Japanese Knotweed, one of our great allies for healing.
Sarah Stockwell Arthen, leader

Elephant Clan
Someday our physical ability and independence could radically change - whether slowly with advancing age, or in a sudden, tragic instant. When this happens, it can be a fundamental challenge to our identity, to our sense of self-worth, as well as a test of our capacity for grace as we begin to accept that the future will be entirely different from our previous vision of it. This holds equally true for both the one whose world has changed as well as those providing support, in whatever form that takes. Unlike most animals, Elephants take care of and protect their sick or injured members rather than leaving their most vulnerable to fend for themselves. As members of the Elephant Clan, we will explore these challenges from both sides of this relationship. We will be deprived of our sight and dependant on others for previously routine tasks for several hours. We will also spend time as the caregiver/guide, devoted (but not subservient) to a blinded one. Through these experiences, we aim to disconnect from our selfish worldview and come to better understand the nuance and grace of giving and receiving in selfless, non-reciprocal service. This Clan is not recommended for people with challenges regarding personal space or touch.
This clan will share a cabin.
Daniel Singer and Miriam Klamkin, leaders

Firefly Clan
Fireflies are active at dusk and dawn, heralding and celebrating the changes that occur each day. In Firefly Clan we will immerse ourselves in the planetary hours as they punctuate each day and night of Twilight Covening, learning about each planet, attuning to it, and exploring how it affects our daily rhythms on earth. While our focus will be on observing each hour in a ritual way, we will also study how to move beyond simple connection,  learning to invoke planets in a magical context, for daily devotions as well as for making talismans. No specialized knowledge of planets or astrology is needed to join.
Chris LaFond, leader

Great Ape Clan
Release yourself from the unnecessary and experience the power of ritual through acts of creation. We, the family of Great Apes, are unique in our ability to find and create the tools necessary to sustain us from the natural resources available in our environment.  We also have an extraordinary capacity to reflect on our world through through visual imagery. In this clan, we shall use ourselves and the materials we find in the natural world to create sacred space and primal art.  
This clan will share a cabin.
Shelley Wilson and Mark Girard, leaders

Horse Clan
Horse is a magnificent being of spirit – he flies on powerful wings, stirs the sea with his serpent tail, trails fire from his mane throughout the sky and journeys between the worlds of the living and the dead.  In Horse Clan we will use this powerful totem to deepen our connection to the elements and to further our journey towards our winter’s work.  From inspiration, to transformation, to integration and finally actualization we will work with the elements of air, fire, water and earth in every aspect of our being.  Our clan times will be extended rituals dedicated to the element we are working with.  We will use shamanic journey techniques (on the shaman’s "horse), energy work and movement, as well as divination to facilitate our journey during these rituals.  This clan will be physically active, spending time outdoors and will have an extended period of silence during the weekend.  
This clan will share a cabin.
Liz Porter, leader

Ibis Clan
Ibises were sacred to the ancient Egyptians, and considered them a manifestation of Thoth, who was credited him as the author of all works of, astronomy, astrology, the science of numbers, mathematics, geometry, land surveying, and sacred science.
What is the nature of a sacred place, a temple, a sacred landscape? We will be working with techniques to creating our own contemporary ritualized landscape..  During this process, we will work with the land itself in constructing a "sacred site", incorporating aspects of astronomically aligned megalithic structures and sacred geometry inspired by variety of cultures and times.  We will incorporate common aspects of a ritualized, landscape, infused with sacred geometry, observational astronomy, and internal/personalized mythology, to assist in generating shifts of personal and group consciousness.   We will be spending considerable time outside working with the land, both day and night, with an all night vigil, working with our Templum, on Saturday.
This Clan will share a cabin.
Wolf Grathwol, leader

Kodiak Clan
While Bear is often seen as always available to help as needed, even the great bears take time to recover -- to hibernate and allow the Earth to deeply nourish their spirits. In the Kodiak clan we will explore techniques to nourish our Work, practicing shape-shifting and deepening our relationship with stone, tree & water- allowing them to help us and those we serve. Then we will learn to be still, to "hibernate” psychically, allowing those elements to perceive for us. We will let the Earth support and restore us as fully as we support those we protect.  Some experience with trance is helpful, but not mandatory.
Rose Starwind, leader

Luna Moth Clan
This clan is an intermediate energy Working clan - who will use Gratitude - drawn from places of "Darkness” - as a focus for our energetic Work. How do you Hold Space in your own body? How do you Hold Space in the World? The clan work will be mostly experiential, engaging in various meditative and JourneyWork techniques, including some that will require gentle movement. Through the daily practice of Gratitude and Compassion the burdens we carry can illuminate and transform. Though not a "Buddhist Clan”, the Work is heavily influenced by the Eastern Bodhisattva traditions.
Luna Moth Clan will share a cabin.   
Kelley, leader

Lynx Clan
Seeing the smallest motion and hearing what is hidden, the Lynx knows the feel of its environment and relies on all of its senses to hunt at night and to avoid danger. How actively do you pay attention to what all of your senses are telling you, especially the inner non-physical senses?  Learn and practice tuning in to your inner psychic vision, while still being aware of the world around you. Learn when the voice in your head isn't your own thinking. Tell the difference between worrying and a gut feeling or intuition that is telling you something new.  Begin to explore ways that you can quickly tune in to what is around you with all of your physical and intuitive senses so you can choose if some action is needed. We will spend part of our clan time walking around the woods and water.
Eric Arthen, leader

Orb Weaver Clan*
The Orb Weavers are among a web weaving family of spiders. Each species using specific techniques and visual elements that draw the desired prey into their webs, just as the witch utilizes symbolic elements and forms to weave her intentions into manifestation. In this clan we will go deeper into the exploration of using Visual art as a tool in Ritual and magical working. Clan members will work both on collaborative and individual creations in support and reflection of the weekend's ritual journey. Clan members must have previously participated in the Spider Clan at Twilight Covening or individuals with an immersive artistic practice may join with special permission from the clan leaders.  
Martin Bridge and Kaye Kittredge, leaders

Peeper Clan
Peepers make rhythm together, sometimes entraining with each other, and other times expressing themselves individually. The Peeper Clan will explore this dynamic with TaKeTiNa Rhythm Journeys, experiencing our own rhythms and creating synchronization with others. These journeys will be offered as deep rituals to connect your self with the deeper meaning of your life path and in the vision of shared Love. Together we create this experience, leading us into our creative expression of Self and Love. No instruments or musical training is needed, just your body and your curiosity.  
Morwen Two Feathers and Cornelia Jecklin, leaders.

Ptarmigan Clan
The acrid smoke arising from a small forge and the sound of a smith's hammer beating on orange-hot iron waft through the fall air, as the members of Ptarmigan Clan explore ritual smith-craft, including hands-on work at the anvil. We will explore the transformative power of fire and the process of change through the influence of one's will, Voyaging to the hammer's beat, and following the path of the Cosmic Smith. We will kindle sacred/New Fire not only for our Clan use, but also for the Community. Northern European forge-craft traditions and magic will be a part of this weekend, and this clan is open to all. Handicap-accessible.
This clan will share a cabin. 
Jane Sibley, leader, with Ed (Happy Cat) Wilson.

Two Ravens Clan*
The poem Havamal (Sayings of the High One) in the Poetic Edda is an important piece of Heathen lore. In one passage, we learn of how the god Odin sacrificed himself on the World Tree for nine nights, during which he experienced a type of death and gained the wisdom of the runes. In 2 Ravens Clan, we will study the runes, with a focus on how they describe and influence one's relationships with clan and community, with spirit, and with the earth. Friday and Saturday will be spent in a discussion of the runes. On Saturday night participants will hold an overnight vigil in the woods, "bound" to a tree like the Allfather, to attempt to recreate his experience on Yggdrasil, and will seek to gain runic wisdom. Runic magic and divination will be discussed. Those who will experience extreme fear or discomfort if left alone in the woods at night should not apply. Prior knowledge of the runes is helpful but not required. The clan is open to heathens and non-heathens alike.  
Ulfr, leader

Red Dragon Clan*
The Red Dragon is the symbol of the Cymry, the people of Wales, and stands guard over the mysteries of these ancient Celts. In this clan we will deepen our understanding of early mysteries as told in the mythological sagas of the Mabinogi. Using shape-shifting techniques revealed through these myths, we will move through transformative postures drawn from spirit animal energies, loosening our shape to experience Other.  Following the music of the Silver Branch through the Spiral Castle that leads to Annwn (the Welsh Otherworld), we will dance the dragon’s path toward trance and vision. Through this work, Clan members will loosen the stuck places of their being and prepare themselves for the renewal and transformation that comes with connecting to All-That-Is. This clan requires some physical stamina for periods of moving and sitting meditation, as well as walking over some uneven terrain.
Juniper Talbot, leader

White Raven Clan*
The White Raven is guardian of the deep Ancestral Wisdoms stored in the dark spaces within the earth, and our guide into the hidden Ancestral Memories stirring in our blood. In this clan, we draw on the lore and practices of Faery Seership to call upon this Keeper of Secrets, to guide us into the Ancestral Memory of the Underworld, and to bring us into contact with the stream of human presence known as the River of Blood. We will use simple rites to honor and engage the Ancestors, both human and other. We will use techniques to align ourselves to the Three Realms of Existence and tune our awareness into the depths of the Underworld. Come prepared to engage in the redemptive work of healing our ancestral paradoxes, and invite the voices within our blood to speak. No prior experience with ancestral working is required. Some of our workings will be done during the witching hour.
Lanna Lee Maheux and Giariel Foxwood, Leaders

* indicates a Clan which requires an application for admission. These Clans require past training or are more likely to induce intense experiences that may trigger fear, vulnerability or other unexpected responses. If you would like to apply to join one of these Clans, please write a paragraph about why you are interested in this Clan at this time and include in your statement a description of your training, your skills and practice with this kind of work as well as a description of the kind of support system you have in place outside of Twilight Covening (coven, teacher, therapist, etc.).

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