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Choosing your Clan

Make sure that you read over all of the Clan descriptions carefully. There are many wonderful possibilities. On your registration form, you will need to list four Clans as possible choices for the weekend. We will try to give everyone their first or second choice, but it is important that you indicate four preferences since we assign the Clans primarily on a first-come first-served basis and some will fill up quickly.

Number your preferences from 1 to 4, with 1 being your first choice. Registration forms which are filled out incompletely will only delay processing time, making it less likely that first choices will be available.

So that Clan Leaders can best meet the needs of all of the members of their Clan, whatever their level of experience, we ask that everyone answer all of the questions on the registration form.

All of the Clans at Twilight Covening are designed to provide deep and fulfilling experiences. Some Clans, indicated with an asterisk (*), include work that relies on past experience or is especially challenging. If you would like to apply to join one of these Clans, please let us know why and include a description of your training, skills and practice with this kind of work in your application along with information about the kind of support system you have in place outside of Twilight Covening (coven, teacher, therapist, etc.). If you do not include all of this information, we cannot assign you to one of these Clans.

To fully complete the ritual of Twilight Covening, you should arrive by dinner time on Friday and must plan to stay on site until Monday afternoon so that you don't miss your Clan's final meeting or the closing circle.

Clan assignments will be finalized and mailed after the registration deadline of September 26. We will have a master list in the office; please call if you have not received your assignment by October 5th.

Clans 2015

October 9-12, 2015

Boar Clan
In the ancient heathen religions of northern Europe, the boar was associated with the Vanir gods, deities of nature, fertility, agriculture, and livestock, and was considered a symbol of nobility. In modern heathenism, practitioners have assembled a set of Nine Noble Virtues as an attempt to recapture the values and ideals that were admired among our spiritual ancestors. In Boar Clan, we will examine the literature and mythology of the heathen peoples, identifying the role that the Nine Noble Virtues play in these vital and fascinating tales. Then, through guided meditation, discussion, and Clan activities, we will internalize these Virtues, gaining an understanding of their value in our daily lives and a sense for how we can put them to work to deepen our own spiritual practices as well as our connections to our communities and to spirit, and to our gods themselves, for those of us who work in such terms. While a familiarity with heathen mythology and literature is helpful, this Clan is open to heathens and non-heathens alike, as these Virtues codify a universal set of values.
Ulfr, leader

Buffalo Clan
The Buffalo's majestic strength and sense of purpose as it moves over the land inspires us to hear Spirit's call, and follow the path that speaks to our hearts. The buffalo symbolizes manifestation, via right intention and right action. In fact, the buffalo's work is both sacred and practical. In this clan, we will explore magickal techniques to connect with Spirit, define and experience our intention, and then manifest our vision. As the buffalo travel together over the land, our clan will actively build connection with one another and with our Mountain. Using meditation, energy work, movement, art and ritual, we will walk the path we want to create for ourselves, and explore how our work is in service to our community. Our weekend's work will harness the power of both the unseen and the seen to bring to life that which calls to us. This clan will be physically active and will spend significant time outdoors.
This clan will share a cabin.
Tatiana Lyons and Steve Trombulak, leaders

Burrowing Owl Clan
The Burrowing Owl, a master of two worlds, hunts the skies day and night, before returning to their homes in the earth below. Join Burrowing Owl clan as we connect with earth and sky, etheric and physical, within and without, to center ourselves where their edges meet and walk the ways between them. By dancing with the dynamic energy of the labyrinth, we can move beyond the obstacles on our path toward balance and wholeness. This clan will purposefully create a 7 circuit classical labyrinth as our main tool for this work, building a dynamic energy gateway to All That Is. Using energy exercises, breath work, stone allies, deep focus and gentle movement the clan will experience the labyrinth on a profound level. Our work will be physically active at times and we will spend much of the weekend outdoors regardless of weather. No prior experience with the labyrinth is needed; the history, types and uses of labyrinths will be covered.
Burrowing Owl will share a cabin.
Tracy Andryc, leader

Butterfly Clan
How do we truly transform? Metamorphic change requires allowing dissolution, as well as rebuilding and emergence. Following the Way of the Butterfly, we move through the stages, where ever we are on the process. We can use certain techniques to cultivate alignment of our bodies with All That Is. In this Clan, we will use rhythm practices (including Taketina) and visual art, to get the left-brain rational mind out of the way.
Morwen Two Feathers, leader

Caribou Clan
There is great power in our bodies, our voices, our stories. That power can become lost in the seemingly never-ending compromise of the modern world. Caribou woman wears her antlers proudly, fully present in herself as woman, a potent teacher for those who would re-member themselves as whole and sacred. Caribou Clan offers women the chance to reconnect with our bodies by reconnecting with the earth that nourishes and sustains us. Exploring the roles we chose on our earth walk, we will seek out the power inherent in our spiraling, cyclonic selves. Clan work will include shamanic techniques connecting us to the natural allies of plant, tree, rock, water, and star. Shapeshifting will be our tool to re-member our own shapes, drawing power from the caribou form and the natural world back into our voices and our bodies. Caribou Clan should be prepared for working outdoors, regardless of weather. Experience with journeywork or meditation is helpful but not required.
This Clan will share a cabin
Rose Starwind and Kelley B., leaders

Catamount Clan
Solitary, keenly aware, and mobile, the catamount once ranged across our landscape, a silent predator without peer. As mountain lions, we will observe and learn about our surroundings and use solitary shamanic exercises to open ourselves and to experience being a part of nature in a real, not metaphorical, way. We will confront deep instinctive fears, spending most of our days outside away from paths and people and sleeping one night in the leaves. Our exercises will range from the practical to the magical, sitting silently alone in the woods and building awareness of our inner selves and our places in the world. Practice in concealment and camouflage with natural materials will give us the opportunity to use our senses in new ways, both inward and outward. We will also learn the story of the land on which we live and how we are a part if it. People with health or mobility or physical touch issues should not apply for this clan. It is physically demanding, and we will get dirty and wet at times.
Rowan and Carolyn Hawthorne, leaders

Cricket Clan
On the mountain, we will join our voices together as a chorus of crickets, each of us lending our unique voice to the web of sound we create. Spend the weekend chanting and singing in a group dynamic while we entrain our voices, sculpting sacred sonic structure. Using energy techniques, sustainment, gentle movement, and trance, we will alter the shape of that sacred space for our personal work as well as the work of the larger gathering. Add your song to our Cricket magic. Singing experience is not required, all you need is the ability to listen. Our clan will spend time outdoors.
Sarahluna and Sarah Lyn, leaders

Falcon Clan*
Just as the Falcon sees far, sharp and clear, astrology offers us humans a lens for looking far ahead and deep within. In this Clan, we will work with the energie of our current transits and progressions to inform and enrich our Winter work. We'll use group readings and experiential exercises to sharpen our vision and help shape our experience in the months to come. For this Clan, you'll need a solid grounding in astrological symbolism and basic chart interpretation.
Miriam Klamkin, leader

Firefly Clan
Firefly carries its own light deep in the belly as it sends sparks dancing through the darkness. In this clan, we will explore dance and movement as a way to awaken our spark, access inner wisdom and experience the Sacred housed in our bodies. Moving from gentle, contemplative techniques such as Authentic Movement, through Sacred Circle Dances and Moving Mantras, both traditional and creative, to ecstatic and energetic Trance Dance practices, we will call up our deep connection to All-That-Is. We will illuminate the dark places as we dance alive our passions, our magic and our sacred spirit. Not recommended for people with physical mobility issues.
Juniper Talbot, leader

Golden Monkey Clan
Building on the work of Monkey Clan, Golden Monkey will offer members the opportunity to push their musicality further through complex polyrhythmic structure, deeper listening, and ensemble playing. While not required, prior work with Monkey clan--or percussion experience--is useful.
Mark Girard, leader

Gryphon Clan*
Gryphon Clan:Explore the dark side of sensuality. As like attracts like sometimes we have to go to our inner darkness to release, empower, or learn the hidden truths that lie within. The Gryphon clan explores the techniques of Dark Eros, utilizing guided meditation, breathing, and physical sensation work to help us on a journey to find our winter work. The clan is designed to allow you the freedom to push your own boundaries in a safe, sane, consensual and nurturing environment. The clan is advanced, and involves techniques sometimes associated with BDSM, those with touch issues or frank discussion of human sexuality and sensuality, might find the clan too challenging.
Cerillian and Zann, leaders

Ibis Clan
Ibises were sacred to the ancient Egyptians, and considered them a manifestation of Thoth, who was credited him as the author of all works of, astronomy, astrology, the science of numbers, mathematics, geometry, land surveying, sacred science. We will be working with techniques to creating our own contemporary ritualized landscape, incorporating aspects of astronomically aligned megalithic structures and sacred geometry inspired by variety of cultures and times. During this process, we will work with the land itself in constructing a “sacred site". We will incorporate common aspects of a ritualized, landscape, infused with sacred geometry, observational astronomy, and internal/personalized mythology, to assist in generating shifts of personal and group consciousness. Be prepared to spend considerable time outside working with the land, both day and night, with an all night vigil on Saturday.
Clan will be sharing a cabin.
Wolf Grathwohl. leader

Manatee Clan
The Manatee is a sea animal that has a deeply refined sense of touch with the ability to "touch at a distance", feeling objects and currents that are not only near at hand, but also far away. Long ago, human beings were also much more open and able to sense and "touch" the world around them, but many of us, simply because of our modern existence or traumatic life experiences have dulled or nearly lost our ability and sensitivity to feel and touch with our bodies, speech, spirit, and emotions. In this Clan, we will explore ways to reopen those channels of communication using movement, safe touch, and deep listening as exercises to increase our capacity to merge and tune in with the people, elements, and beings we encounter, bringing us the potential for deeper intimacy with self, others and the Earth.
This clan will share a cabin.
Asherah Allen, leader

Phoenix Clan
The Phoenix is a symbol of fire, air and spirit that is reborn through a process of death, transformation and renewal. As the Phoenix succumbs to the fire it does so willingly, ready to transition and be reborn to a higher plane. The Phoenix clan will undertake the same process of death, transformation and renewal to release that which no longer serves, revealing a new path forward. Through working together as a clan we will deepen our understanding of our transition to death and symbolically “die” before sitting an all-night vigil Saturday. We will be reborn and spend time in silence with the outer-world as we focus inward, deepening our connection with spirit and nature around us. This clan will use shamanic journey techniques, meditation in nature and journaling to facilitate our transformation. This clan will be physically active and will spend time outdoors and sleeping together.
This clan will share a cabin.
Liz Porter, Ben Schuman, leaders

Snowy Owl Clan
The Snowy Owl approaches on silent wings, striking quickly, and fading to near invisibility again; so too, divination brings messages that seem to come from no-where, but can have great impact on those they visit. In this clan, we will discuss the history of and underlying principles of soothsaying,and explore various common methods, practicing and comparing how they work allowing us to develop our own if we need to do so. We'll cover differences and similarities, and common vocabulary. We'll focus on examples of many types of techniques of divination, with hands-on practice of some including astrology, cartomancy (divination using cards), tasseomancy (tea leaf/coffee grounds), physiognomy (palmistry, molography), casting/sortilage (runes, grain, I Ching, salt), numerology, trance work, scrying, psychometry, omens & dream interpretation, dowsing, and more.
Tchipakkan, leader

Spider Clan
The Spider appears in many creation myths, a creature able to spin essence into form and then consume it again. She is the totem of artists and diviners, with an acute sensitivity for vibrations on the web. The Spider clan will work collaboratively with various media, and explore integrating visual artwork into Magic and Ritual. We will observe, feel, interpret and create as a process of weaving energies and intentions into physical images, symbols and forms. A spiritual discipline and/or an immersive art practice are assets, but not requirements.
Martin Bridge, Kaye Hughes Kittredge, leaders

Walrus Clan
The walrus dives deep and digs for hidden morsels which elude others who seek them. In this Norse clan, we will dive deep to explore both the Hunter/Warrior and Home & Hearth traditions. The Hunters/Warriors will go on a quest with Bob to sharpen their skills and to identify and conquer their individual beasts. They should be prepared to spend a night outdoors in the woods, fasting, followed by an extremely physical hunt/battle ritual. The Home & Hearth folks will prepare the Hunters' ceremonial game feast with Jane, and also explore rituals around bread baking, herbcraft, and home warding. This clan will also do intensive trance Voyaging, with the goal of each member learning from the other participants and from the Otherworld so as to provide reinforcement for further magical pursuits. Walrus clan welcomes all, no matter what your physical abilities may be.
Jane Sibley and Bob Bestwick, leaders

White Raven Clan*
The White Raven is guardian of the deep Ancestral Wisdoms stored in the dark spaces within the earth, and our guide into the hidden Ancestral Memories stirring in our blood. In this clan, we draw on the lore and practices of Faery Seership to call upon this Keeper of Secrets, to guide us into the Ancestral Memory of the Underworld, and to bring us into contact with the stream of human presence known as the River of Blood. We will use simple rites to honor and engage the Ancestors, both human and other. We will use techniques to align ourselves to the Three Realms of Existence and tune our awareness into the depths of the Underworld. We will call forth the White Raven to guide us and inspire us. Come prepared to engage in the redemptive work of healing our ancestral paradoxes, and invite the voices within our blood to speak. No prior experience with ancestral working is required. Some of our workings will be done during the witching hour.
Lanna Lee Maheux & Giariel Foxwood, Leaders

* indicates a Clan which requires an application for admission. These Clans require past training or are more likely to induce intense experiences that may trigger fear, vulnerability or other unexpected responses. If you would like to apply to join one of these Clans, please write a paragraph about why you are interested in this Clan at this time and include in your statement a description of your training, your skills and practice with this kind of work as well as a description of the kind of support system you have in place outside of Twilight Covening (coven, teacher, therapist, etc.).

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