Open Yule Boston

EarthSpirit and the Eastern Massachusetts/Rhode Island Pagan group invite you to Sing to the Sun

Join us as we gather together to call back Sun's light to the Earth, and take part in a ritual rejoicing in the Sun's return.We come together to share the warmth of community and send our voices out with wishes for ourselves and our world.

We rise in the dark, travel to the edge of this land. Watching the sun rise out of the water, we join our voices to sing back the Sun from it's long journey.

The Winter Solstice, also known as Yule, is the holiday celebrating the rebirth of the Sun in the Pagan year. At this time of year many in the Northern Hemisphere gather together to rejoice at the hope for the coming lengthening days.

December 21, 2013 - Saturday morning
Meet at 6:20 am at Revere Beach across from the T-station at the Gazebo.

There will be
*Rattling - please bring a rattle if you have one and some to share if you can
*Chanting (starting very low-key)
*A pattern to walk in the sand as we await the dawn

The sun actually comes up at 7:10 AM as that happens we will sing "See the Sun Arising" and call out Welcome Yule! We will then share our visions and hopes for the future.

We look forward to seeing any of you who wish to come. This event is free of charge.

Need directions?    try - Google maps for (Revere Beach Station, Revere, Suffolk, Massachusetts 02151)

For your Yule gift list, EarthSpirit offers:

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