A Feast of Lights

January 29- 31, 2016
Amherst, Massachusetts

Held at mid-winter during the ancient Celtic festival of Imbolg, A Feast of Lights is weekend of warmth at the coldest time of the year - a festival of Earth spirituality and the arts, of community and hope, of tradition and creativity.

The weekend is intended to nourish our hearts and minds, bringing together a collection of teachers, performers, artists and merchants who join with all of the gathering's participants to kindle the fire within during the dark of winter.

Come to make music, listen, learn, dance, shop, laugh, reflect, and enjoy warm company. As we share with one another, we feel the spark of life, hidden deep beneath the snows of winter, begin to glow warm within our hearts.

Presenters confirmed for this year include:
Orion Foxwood, Will and Lynn Rowan, Martin Bridge, Andras Corban Arthen, Juniper Talbot, DJ Alkemi, Michael Dunning  and more.
Final schedule PDF is here

Scheduled programs begin midday on Friday, Jan 29 and continue until late afternoon on Sunday, January  31.

Friday night features a concert of winter warmth and healing with Sarah Stockwell Arthen, Will and Lynn Rowan, Deirdre and Andras Arthen, and Sam Long and Isobel Arthen in a round robin format.

Saturday night we celebrate midwinter with a feast, ritual, and dancing at the Stag King's Masque.
With these special events alongside the workshops, crafting and performances during the days it will be a full weekend!

We are accepting program proposals until December 21 at: http://earthspirit.rowantree.org/proposal.html

The Art Salon:

The Art Salons an exhibition and discussion featuring visual artwork connected to the artists' spirituality. Pieces by several well-known artists, including Martin Bridge, Kate Greenough and Jesse Massaro, will be shown and discussed in addition to participant contributions. (Contact martinclarkbridge@gmail.com to participate.)

The Stag King's Masque and Feast:

Saturday night is a feast and a masquerade!  Clad in our finest wintry garb, we will dine and make merry together, then weave our way into midwinter ritual before celebrating by dancing with the other creatures of the forest.  The Feast and Masque are included in a weekend registration.  A cash bar will also be available.

Tickets to only the Masque will be available at the door at 9pm.

Community Clothing Swap:

his Saturday afternoon event has become a real favorite. Bring the nice things you no longer wear and watch someone's excitement when they find them. Discover something wonderful for yourself or a friend!

Our Location:

Hotel UMass
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003

The staff at UMass has gone out of their way to make it possible for us to be there this year. They are offering us a special discount on hotel rooms with continental breakfast and lots of flexibility to meet our needs. This location features a large beautiful space with expansive views of the Pioneer Valley which will serve as our Community Room, registration area, and merchant space for the weekend. We will also use four additional workshop rooms and a ballroom.

The hotel is located in the UMass Campus center which includes a large and varied food court serving all kinds of food from 7am-9pm - well prepared at good prices.

When you make your room reservation online, use the code you receive on your A feast of Lights registration confirmation notice. This will give you the opportunity to take advantage of our discounted room rate which includes a continental breakfast for two with each room. You may also call to reserve a room using the same code.





UMass Hotel Lobby