Her Tarot Deck
I have begun a Journey into the Tarot. These images come one at a time when they feel like it. I have no expectations of ever finishing the deck, if it happens fine if not that's okay as well. There is no plan to ever print these cards for use or sale. I hope you enjoy them.
Bright Blessings

Many thanks to Tarot-L for their inspiration.

All of these images will enlarge to view at greater detail just click on the image.
Ace of Wands Ace of Cups
Ace of Wands © M. Ashleigh 1998 Ace of Cups © M. Ashleigh 1997
The Star The Universe
The Star © M. Ashleigh 1998 The Universe © M. Ashleigh 1998
Judgement The Tower
Judgement © M. Ashleigh 1998 The Tower © M. Ashleigh 1998


These images are not available for use on any other website, or in any other form without permission from the artist. I appreciate your consideration.

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