EarthSpirit Membership and Order Form

Support the work of EarthSpirit and this website

Please print this online form and send it to:

P.O. Box 723-N
Williamsburg, MA 01096
Name:__________________________________________ ESC #_______
Address: ____________________________________________________

 City                               State       Zip

Telephone:  h: (____)_______________ w:(____)________________


Membership Levels: 
 (rate per year)   ____Associate Member- event discounts $30/sgl $45/fam
                   ____Supporting Member- website support, and event discounts $100

Recordings: All Cassettes are $10.00 all CDs are $15.00
                            This Winter's Night           ___Cassette  ___CD
                            All Beings of the Earth       ___Cassette
                            Fire Dance!                     ___Cassette
    ESC Artists     
                    We Believe by Andras and Deirdre        ___Cassette
                    Dark of Moon by Sarah Stockwell         ___Cassette  ___CD
                    Free Spirit:Live! by Sarah Stockwell   ___Cassette
                    Once Green Leaves by Paul Hatem        ___Cassette
                    Tribal Drums                            ___Cassette
    Fireheart   Back Issue:  2  5  6  7                        ___$5.00 each
       Back Issues  1  3  4 are no longer available
    Walking with Mother Earth A Children's Storybook         ___$5.00 each 
    An Introduction to Witchcraft Booklet                     ___$2.00 each
   EarthSpirit Newsletter (sample copy)                       ___$1.00 each
Other Information:
    I enclosed an extra donation of $__________ to support this website and other EarthSpirit work.
    ____ I would like more information about EarthSpirit and classes available.
           (Please enclose a SASE for information)
               Membership Fees                    $_______________
               Total Merchandise                  $_______________
               Postage(10% of total $2 minimum)   $_______________
               Amount Enclosed                    $_______________

Please make checks payable to: EarthSpirit
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