Morwen Two Feathers Fund for Twilight Covening

MorwenTwo Feathers at Rites of Spring 2018Morwen Two Feathers Fund for Twilight Covening

Morwen was at the heart of the work we gather to do in the Autumn each year. Her gift as a Clan leader, her openness as a participant and her energy that fed so many others as they made the choice to go deep, will always be remembered.

This year, in honor of Morwen we are launching the Morwen Two Feathers Fund for Twilight Covening.

The goal of this fund is to help Twilight Covening be accessible to a few more members of our community each year. Clan commitments and compressed time spent on the mountain in October make it difficult to create a robust work-exchange system at Twilight Covening. In lieu of work-exchange, this Fund will provide partial scholarship to some applicants who would not otherwise be in a position to attend.

To seed the fund, an original painting by long-time member Martin Bridge will be Raffled at Rites of Spring 2019. Tickets are available for $10 each and can be purchased in advance by contacting or by using the button below to purchase tickets via PayPal.

For contributions directly to the Fund, please contact

There has also been interest in contributing items for future raffle or fund-raising activities. We will be making plans of that nature at the start of June.


Rattle the Tines by Martin Bridge
To be auctioned for the Morwen Two Feathers Fund for Twilight Covening


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