EarthSpirit Ancestors
kd in the firelight
Kathy Dempsey, our friend and sister, died in August of 1992.

KD once told me that she strove in her life and her art to have the enthusiasm and energy that children have. She wanted to experience life through this innocence and energy. In her artwork this appreciation of vivid colors and the pure sensuality of having fun is clearly present. In her daily life one needed only to look at her colorful attire that she consciously picked out each day as if every day were dressup.

When I think of KD and look at the art she left behind I find myself trying to become more like her in these ways. When I do this the world around me becomes more brilliant, alive, and full of wonder. Yet I know these pieces of art are not the true treasure she left behind. They are only guideposts of her journey, left here to remind us all to stay true to our child's vision.

Blessed Be, KD and thank you.
Aine Arthen, 97

"Elfin Warrior"
"Her hats made me smile"

"Translucent Fire"
kd at dinner KD - Artist and Friend kd at her hanfasting
kd at the beach