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TED MILLS In memory of Ted Mills

Ted Mills interview in FireHeart No. 4
Ted and his dog

Join us in Spirit to mark Theo's first birthday since passing into Summerland last February. On the night of 11/19/96, you are invited to light a simple candle and to join in a prayer for peace. This event is being organized with the help of folks from many parts of the country, whose lives were touched by Lord Ted. Please feel free to pass this on to others who may be interested.

It has been requested that the intentional candle lighting be maintained as a yearly tradition, every November 19th.

Theodore Mills

This is the text of the pamphlet that is being circulated in regard to this event. Please join EarthSpirit and the organizers of this event in memory of Ted and in hope for healing and peace among us all.

Manifesting the Spirit of Love and Harmony

In Memory of Lord Theo Mills

November 19

On February 21, 1996, the Pagan community lost one of its most distinguished and beloved elders, Lord Theo Mills. Theo's passing left many in the local and broader Pagan community searching their hearts for a deeply loved elder. In a time of great change, when the Old Gods are once again making their presence felt, Ted was a rock of faith and devotion to the ancient tradition of Wicca. His outspoken loyalty to Isis was an inspiration to those who were fortunate enough to know him personally. And yet, his fervor for the Wiccan Path never interfered with an extraordinary open-mindedness toward other spiritual paths.

Among Theo's wishes for Pagan folk on a local, national and international level was for us all to get along, that is, for us to wish each other good will, peace, respect and love, regardless of tradition or belief system.

This November 19, we are asking Pagan people as well as those of other religions to join us in lighting a candle in honor of Lord Theo's birthday. We ask that you extend from your hearts the spirit of love peace, cooperation and harmony to your Pagan brothers and sisters as well as to all people as you light your candle and as you move through your daily activities.

Join us in offering Lord Theo Mills an everlasting birthday gift which benefits us all by lighting a candle this November 19 and in the years that follow.

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