A Journal of Magic and Spiritual Transformation

Seven issues of FireHeart magazine were published between the years 1988 and 1993. While the magazine has ceased publication, we are making available here a number of articles and other information which may still be of interest or relevance, most notably our articles on the Eightfold Path and Rites of Passage. Some back issues of FireHeart are still available.

There are many FireHeart articles in process of being converted to the site.
We have articles on No. 1 in addition to the articles previously available on Nos. 2, 3, 4. 5 and 6.

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out of the past comes the future connections myth, magic and the making of religion
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Fire is an element with the power to transform all it touches. Even the Earth is shaped and changed by the fire at its heart, which creates continents, molds oceans. Hidden within this fire is a source of life. In the heart of the human soul, too, there burns a fire of change - defining, animating and transforming us. This transforming fire gives meaning to our growth and evolution as beings of the Earth.

The need to grow is shared by all life on Earth, each creature evolving according to its own internal pattern, all patterns connecting to form the intricate design of life on Earth. But institutionalized religion has severed our spiritual connection with the soul of the Earth, and modern mechanistic culture has replaced our human pattern of being with the life-denying pattern of owning. As our ancestors attempted to master nature, they no longer felt the need to teach their children the ways of the Earth: to live and honor the cycles of life and death, to hear the voices of the Earth's other creatures, to know our connections with all that is. Without that knowledge, passed from generation to generation, we have, in many ways, lost our internal pattern and our place in nature.

FireHeart  is a magazine about magic - about the spiritual process of transformation that brings us into contact with the mystery and wonder of creation. It is a magazine about connections - among people of different paths, among all forms of life, and between humanity and the Earth. In FireHeart, we participate in the process of rediscovering and reclaiming our place in nature, to share the process of growth and change, and to build connections between all people who care about the Earth and our common future.

FireHeart  was published by The EarthSpirit Community, a national network of Pagans and other Earth-centered people, based in the greater Boston area. The EarthSpirit Community brings together many different paths and traditions, and is committed to exploring the spiritual relationship between ourselves and all of nature.