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The ritual performance group of the EarthSpirit Community

MotherTongue brings together vocal and instrumental music, dance, poetry and story to create moving and potent ritual performances for a variety of audiences. The ensemble has been featured at numerous Pagan and interfaith events around the United Sates and has performed twice at A Parliament of the World's Religions, numerous times including Chicago. MotherTongue is known for its ability to communicate the essence of earth-centered spirituality in a manner that makes it accessible to people from all backgrounds and traditions.

MotherTongue released the CDs "Weaving the Web of Life" and "This Winter's Night" Older works are on tape "Fire Dance" and "All Beings of the Earth".
For more information about EarthSpirit and MotherTongue, please contact:
The EarthSpirit Community P.O. Box 723 Williamsburg, MA 01096 U.S.A. 413. 238.4240

MotherTongue CD recordings are available by mail-order directly from EarthSpirit at the EarthSpirit Store.

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Weaving the Web of Life by MotherTongue

CD Weaving the Web of Life ©2007 EarthSpirit

A collection of chants and short songs created by EarthSpirit members for ritual use.

Available on Spotify and iTunes

Weaving The Web of Life Chant List

We Are One
The Circle Shapes Us
Burn, Fire
In the Spirit of the Earth
Rise Up
In the Circle of Earth and Sky
Watch It Burn
I Am the Earth
Air I Am
Holy Water
All Beings of the Earth
Ancestor Chant
Ocean Mother
Peace In My Heart
Darkest Time of Winter
We Are One (extended version)

This Winter's Night by MotherTongue

CD This Winter's Night © 1994 EarthSpirit

This recording evokes the vibrant, Earth-centered roots of the winter holidays. On this CD, MotherTongue combines a 20-voice chorus, Celtic harp, African drums, Renaissance instruments and keyboards to create a unique blend of eclectic seasonal music, both ancient and modern. A great alternative to the usual “holiday music”.

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This Winter's Night Song List Lyric sheet is available here.

Carol of the Bells
Yule Carol
Ave Color Vini Clari
French Bransle
Oaken Logs
The Wintry Queen
The First Song
Light is Returning
The Fairest Maid
Old Woman
Abbots Bromley Horn Dance/
This Longest Night
Winter Solstice Sunrise
Shepherd's Dance
Oidche Mhaith Leibh
Gaia, Carry Us Home

Fire Dance by MotherTongue

Fire Dance! ©1992 EarthSpirit

Fire Dance Song List

Air I Am
Oak & Ash & Thorn
Lammas Night
Chi Mi Na Morbheanna
Lyke Wake Dirge
Angel of Bells
Haste to the Sabbat
The Fairest Maid
Light is Returning
The Wintry Queen
Ca' The Yowes
Kiss Me My Laughing Lover
Fire Dance

All Beings of the Earth by MotherTongue

All Beings Of The Earth ©1991 EarthSpirit
Songs and chants of the EarthSpirit Community

All Beings of the Earth Chant List

The Moon Is High
The Circle Shapes Us
Air I Am
Burn Fire
Ocean Mother
I Am The Earth
All Beings Of The Earth
Between The Worlds
We Are One...