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Your contribution will keep EarthSpirit moving forward to serve our community in the coming year, as we:

  • Provide frequent community rituals and celebrations
  • Reach out to environmental organizations, educational institutions, PRIDE, and other groups working to create a more sustainable and just world
  • Maintain scholarships and support for community members in need
  • Keep pagans in the international interfaith conversation
  • Provide exceptional teachers and performers
  • Provide continuous new content on the EarthSpirit Voices Podcast and Blog
  • Maintain the EarthSpirit website
  • Connect members with indigenous people from around the world through the EarthWays project, and support pagan groups in other countries

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Choose your level of support – Each year we receive donations ranging from $10 to $5000. Every one of them is important and helps in our work.

Remember that all donations to EarthSpirit are tax deductible.

We are grateful for your support!

EarthSpirit’s work is to share the basic concepts of Earth-centered spirituality with our world. You can help by or more of the following methods:

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