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Open house & seasonal celebrations with EarthSpirit

EarthSpirit’s home in the Hilltowns of Western Massachusetts

2022 Sacred Land open house & seasonal celebrations with EarthSpirit:

Sacred Land open houses begin with a walk of the sacred sites on the land, followed by a celebration of the Celtic holidays from Beltane to Samhain.

Please attend the walk if you have not before(usually at 1pm before the 3pm ritual, except for Solstice). All rituals are outside if at all possible (we have limited indoor space if not). Kids are welcome!

For directions and questions call 413-238-4240 or email For questions read info below carefully, see the EarthSpirit Community’s FB page (for last minute details especially), or call the EarthSpirit office: 413-238-4240. Please note that we will try to check messages on the day of the Sacred Land event, but it may be a little erratic, as we will be mostly outdoors! Sturdy shoes are very, very important, especially for kids! We walk through beautiful woods, creek edges and rough fields.

Sacred Land dates:

  • Beltaine – Sunday, May 1st at 1pm (ritual at 3pm) Potluck feast!

  • Summer Solstice – Saturday, June 11th at 4pm (ritual at 6pm, singing prep at 5:15pm. Join us!) Potluck “finger food” feast at the top of the hill at the fire shrine!

  • Lunasdal – Saturday, August 6th at 1pm (ritual at 3pm) Potluck feast!

  • Autumn Equinox – Sunday, September 11th at 1pm (ritual at 3pm, singing prep at 2:15. Join us!) Potluck “finger food” feast at the sacred grove!

  • Ancestor Observance for Samhain –Sunday, October 23rd at 1pm (ritual at 3pm) A quiet observance that ends at about 4:30.

Please attend the Sacred Land Walk if you have not before (usually at 1pm, before the 3pm ritual. Summer Solstice’s Walk begins at 4pm). It is a short and simple way to learn a lot about the EarthSpirit Community, each other, and the land in an afternoon. Even if you are an old hand with EarthSpirit, you will learn things about the Land that you did not know!

All rituals will be outside this year. We will cancel if weather looks horrible or dangerous, so please check in. Kids welcome! (Sturdy shoes are very important,especially for children.)

Please bring your own picnic utensils if you can, as we move toward an ethic of “reduce and reuse.” The Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox Sacred Land events in particular will be “pack in/pack out” events, where we will feast at the top of a hill and in a grove, so no trash cans!  We all help each other with the carrying as needed though.

Free of charge (however, donations gratefully accepted).

FOR DIRECTIONS and questions: email

COVID EXPECTATIONS for EarthSpirit Sacred Land events: (For as needed weather and Covid-related updates, please check the EarthSpirit Community Facebook page, this Google Calendar entry or in the last week (or days) before the event. You may also call the EarthSpirit office at 413-238-4240 or email with questions. Please note that we will try to check messages on the day of the Sacred Land event, but it may be a little erratic, as we will be mostly outdoors!)

  • If you are not vaccinated, please wear a mask while on the site
  • Please do not come if you are ill, infectious or within quarantine timing
  • Please come expecting to follow guidelines communicated on site by organizers if needed.
  • Let’s all be communicative and kind, stating our own preferences and requirements  as needed!

We will be outdoors most of the time because the ritual and Sacred Land walk are outdoors.

The Sacred Land walk at 1pm often begins in a large airy room with filtered air and windows that will be a bit open. It is a quiet, intimate time where it is pleasant to be able to sit comfortably and be able to hear each other speak. Seating will be distanced, and we may require masks to be worn depending on current conditions. Some surgical masks will be on hand if you need one.

In general, we ask that you remain physically distant at the event overall.

Some of us may feel most comfortable masking, and that is fine. Please consider if you should be hugging friends, and ask others first as well. Please mask yourself and your family if that increases your comfort level.

All that said:

  • We will alter the event/ritual in real time as needed to respond to current Covid conditions.
  • We will require masks and distance as needed to respond to current Covid conditions.
  • We will cancel if needed in response to current Covid conditions.

Thanks for your kind understanding as we navigate this challenging time.

Guidelines for Visitors:

  •  Please notice the private homes in the middle of the land, and respect the privacy of residents.
  •  There are portable facilities available for visitors.
  •  Do not bring any alcohol or drugs, and leave pets, including dogs, at home.
  •  Dress for being outdoors, including good shoes/boots for walking in the woods.
  •  We prefer to maintain a cigarette smoke-free environment, but if you need to smoke, please do so outdoors away from the buildings and field-strip your butts.
  •  Please use no candles or incense, because of risk of fire.
  •  Please angle park on the right as you drive in.

   Honor the Earth and all beings
    Gather for traditional holidays that mark the cycles of nature
    Travel a labyrinth, enter a stone circle, sing at a peace cairn . . .

    We walk to honor & greet the sacred sites, then gather for seasonal rituals
    based on earth-centered traditional Pagan practices of Celtic Europe.
    Deepen your connection to the Earth and the places you love.

EarthSpirit, a non-profit organization, holds events and gatherings honoring the Earth and drawn from the indigenous traditions of Northern Europe.





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