EarthSpirit Workshops

EarthSpirit Workshops

EarthSpirit is developing a series of classes and workshops taught by some of its many members who are professionals, experts and excellent teachers.

As they are scheduled, you will find information and registration links here.

Introduction to Astrology

February 15, 22, and March 1, 7:30-9 pm Eastern Time

Cost: $50 | Register Here

Astrology is the art of understanding the magical influence of stars and planets on our individual and collective experience. In this three-session workshop, Chris LaFond will introduce the elements of astrology: the qualities and influences of planets and stars, their positions in the sky/zodiac, and a bit of the mythology that goes with them. Then he’ll build on this to share techniques for interpreting astrological charts. You’ll leave with a solid understanding of the key elements of astrology, how to use them in your life and practice, and how to understand better what professional astrologers say and how it relates to your own personal astrological chart.

Christopher LaFond
Christopher LaFond

Christopher LaFond is a Master Astrologer in the Society of Astrologers, and works, teaches, and lectures throughout the Eastern USA and online. He has lectured at local, national and international astrology conventions. Chris specializes in classical and medieval astrological methods of prediction and is available for private readings and for private or group classes at all levels. Chris is also a linguist, beekeeper, and musician who performs mainly on the Celtic Harp.

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