Restorative Justice

EarthSpirit Community Values Around Restorative Justice

Broad Definition: “Restorative Justice is an approach to justice that seeks to repair harm by providing an opportunity for those who have been harmed and those who take responsibility for the harm done to communicate about and address their needs in the aftermath of a harmful action. Understanding and responding to the needs of each involved party and the broader community is central to the collective creation of a just outcome.

As a community, we value connection. Paganism as a spiritual path has at its core a respectful awareness of the sacredness of the Earth and all its inhabitants. We experience ourselves and everything that exists as vital parts of the whole of Nature. Restorative Justice focuses on accountability and repairing harm instead of retribution and punishment, allowing us to restore and strengthen our web of community.

We honor diversity and personal growth and strive toward inclusion. Our community includes many voices and paths. Ensuring that all voices are heard, and allowing for many paths to be tread while remaining respectful of others, allows our community to flourish and endure.

As a community we honor and hold each other. Every member of our community has inherent worth and unique perspectives. Each deserves the opportunity to voice their experiences of harm, to be seen and held in a safe container, and to choose how and if they want to address those experiences.

We recognize that we can all have errors of judgment and failures of communication. When there is willingness to address these failures in good faith, we have an opportunity as a community to help each other learn and grow through a strong restorative process. A more holistic level of healing may be possible when those who have caused harm are offered the chance to sincerely accept responsibility for their actions, and to redress those failures and harms.

We value our community as a place to learn and practice harmonious ways of living. We affirm that our relationships and our community are strengthened by actively addressing harm when it occurs. We commit to developing the skills and supports necessary to engage in conflict resolution and facilitate healing between and among individuals and the community at large. We acknowledge that these values differ from those of our mainstream culture, and though we fully and without hesitation honor the rights of anyone to pursue resolution through the conventional justice system, we commit to offering an alternative choice.

We affirm that everyone has the right and responsibility to make choices that are right for them and that not all matters can be resolved. While we strongly encourage Restorative Justice practices as a healing tool, anyone who suffers harm should not feel forced into participating in a restorative process. All parties involved must participate voluntarily. Whenever necessary or desirable, trained members of the organization will assist in seeking professional services or appropriate authorities.

We recognize that trust is a critical part of healing and conflict transformation, and that transparency supports that trust. We maintain a clear description of the Restorative Justice processes that we implement as a community so that all members can see what steps will be followed. We also host periodic community conversations about the process so that those who are interested can ask questions and learn more.

We value the privacy of all parties involved in Restorative Justice practices. While individual and collective harm can affect the web of community, we recognize that restorative and healing processes thrive in a held container. Our restorative practice respects and honors that boundary, and not all resolutions will be shared beyond those directly involved.

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Approved by the EarthSpirit Board of Director by consensus 5/1/2023 8:15pm