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EarthSpirit and Activism

EarthSpirit is committed to ensuring the well-being of the Earth and all who dwell here. We recognize that we live in a time in which peace, security and sustainability are compromised, and dedicate ourselves to addressing injustice where we can.

First and foremost, EarthSpirit strives to maintain a community whose values are reflected in our actions. Through our relationships we can build a culture which honors the Earth as sacred, upholds compassion, and celebrates diversity in all forms.

Given that our community does not exist in a vacuum, EarthSpirit participates in various efforts to demand social justice and defend the environment. We have sent EarthSpirit delegations to numerous demonstrations, including The Women’s March, March for Science, People’s Climate March, various Black Lives Matter rallies, Pride interfaith services and parades and more (#EarthSpiritAction on Facebook and Twitter).


In addition to special events like these, EarthSpirit also engages in a continuing initiative titled

EarthSpirit Sparks and RipplesSparks and Ripples

This is an ongoing program focus at EarthSpirit events and throughout the year which explores how our community’s spirituality manifests in the world. We invite members to inspire each other by sharing the actions they are taking to make the world a better place.

These sparks of inspiration – ranging from ongoing volunteer work for environmental organizations, the practice of alternative medicines or sustainable agriculture to community organizing and activism – ripple out from the center of our spiritual work into actions far beyond the bounds of Rites of Spring or other specific gatherings.

We come to EarthSpirit from different places and paths, but we share the belief that the Earth is sacred. How do we live that belief in our day-to-day lives? Whether our individual ways are large and dramatic or small and simple, public and visible or private and subtle, together we make a vibrant mosaic, a beautiful pattern of spirited and spiritual engagement with the world.

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