Twilight Covening in Autumn

Twilight Covening 2023 is currently full and registration is on pause due to the outpouring of early responses. 

We have created a waiting list. If you are interested in adding your name there, please read all of the information on this page and then click on the registration link where you will be directed to a form to complete.  Please know that Clan options will be limited and that we are doing our best to accommodate everyone we can.

Thank you for your interest and your understanding.

Twilight Covening
October 6-9, 2023

In the twilight of the year, we gather together to set time apart from our daily lives for study, reflection, dreaming, and seeking visions.

A time apart.
Feel the current of change
As the season turns.
Flow with the tide.
Find yourself held in community,
Honoring the spirit of the Earth.
Breathe in the cool crisp air
Cross the bridge from autumn
Into the dark of winter.
Step into a three-day ritual of deep spiritual connection, learning and magic.

Twilight Covening is a continuous  3-day ritual which holds and shapes an institute of Earth spirituality and a time to develop our collective wisdom in a shared sacred space as we move into the dark time of the year.

Each year since 1986, members of the EarthSpirit Community gather deep into ourselves and into communion with this time of year and with all of Nature. We explore the depths of a range of spiritual practices, learn new skills together and experience the joy and power of a living community ritual. We invite you to join us.

Twilight Covening is held in the autumn during the strong natural transition taking place all around us from light into dark, summer into winter, and outward focus to inward contemplation. During the gathering, we use this current of change, along with our focused practices, to find inspiration and insight that can feed us in the dark months to come and motivate us to make changes that we can use to deepen our own spiritual practice.

The intensive work of Twilight Covening takes place in practice-specific Clans of 10-20 people and in full-community rituals that flow together through the weekend.

The rituals include:

  • Releasing Fire Ritual on Friday night,
  • Rituals for Dreaming, Healing and Trance on Saturday night,
  • A Visioning Ritual on Sunday night
  • Four "Attunements" each day which mark the solar quarters of the day

Many participants have found that Twilight Covening provides a model for maintaining an earth-centered practice on a daily basis and is a wonderful opportunity for developing strong and lasting connections with others on a similar path.

Twilight Covening is a demanding physical experience. The schedule is intense, the terrain rugged, the weather unpredictable and the facilities limited in creature comforts. We do our best to make the event as accessible as possible, but we cannot accommodate all needs. If you are planning to attend and have accessibility needs or mobility concerns, please be sure to answer those related questions on the application form so that we can do our best to plan accommodations. If you have specific questions about whether you should attend given your particular situation, please email us at

Covid-19 protocol

This year no vaccination records are required, but we ask that each person take a self-test on Friday before arriving on site and show us the negative results upon arrival. A downloaded phone image with the date overlaid works very well. If you are not able to provide us with that when you arrive, we will ask you to take a test and show us the negative results before going through registration on site.

Please do not come if you are sick or if you have been exposed to COVID within the past 7 days. If you develop COVID symptoms on site we will ask you to isolate in a designated area until a home test shows a negative result. If symptoms continue we reserve the right to ask you to go home. We hold each other by paying attention to our own and others’ safety - by washing hands and asking before close contact, like hugging.

Many Clan activities and community rituals will take place outdoors. Please bear this in mind when considering whether attending is the right choice for you. We suggest that everyone bring extra warm layers and good rain gear (tops and pants), just in case.

Masks will be optional in indoor settings during the event. Please plan to bring several well-fitting KN-95 masks with you. Some disposable back-ups will be available.


The Director




Deirdre Pulgram Arthen

Deirdre Pulgram Arthen

Deirdre Arthen (she/her), a witch for over 40 years, loves creating different kinds of gateways along the boundary between the seen world and the unseen and sharing the experience of passing through those gateways with her community. Deirdre is the Executive Director of EarthSpirit and partner in Tamelin Productions with Andras Corban Arthen. She coordinates Twilight Covening, selecting and overseeing all of the clan leaders and shaping the ritual content for the weekend.

Twilight Covening Fire Releasing on EarthSpirit

Twilight Covening Application

Admission to Twilight Covening is by pre-registration only. One fee includes the cost of the program, lodging in either a regular cabin or your own tent, and a total of 8 meals, starting with dinner on Friday night through breakfast on Monday.

  • Online Registration closes at 11:59pm ET on Sunday, September 24
  • Payment by check must be postmarked by September 22

The early rate is $315, all inclusive.
Beginning on September 1, the rate will be $340.00
Heated sleeping space is an additional $60.
If the event reaches capacity, we will begin a waiting list in case any spots open up due to cancellation. (Last year almost everyone on the waiting list was able to attend due to cancellations)

If you want to register after the deadline, and we are still able to accommodate you, Clan choices will be limited and a $25 late fee will be added to the cost of registration.

Twilight Covening Housing Choices

Standard cabins have eight to thirteen beds each. All have electricity, with shared bathrooms and a shower-house nearby. There are also heated sleeping spaces available in rooms for between 4 and 12 people which cost an additional $60 per person paid at the time of registration. Double, triple, or single rooms are not available.

You will choose a cabin or room in the category you have selected when you arrive. Some Clans will share a cabin and others will have identified space where Clan members may choose to sleep if they prefer. If you would rather share a cabin with a group of your own choosing, please be sure that we know in advance and that you include an adequate number in your group to fill a cabin (usually 8+). Plenty of grassy tenting space is also available if you would prefer to be on your own.

Twilight Covening Confirmation

Confirmation of registration, with directions and the clan assignment, will be sent out no later than September 30. E-mail is by far the most efficient means of communication. If you have changed your email or mailing address from the time of registration, you need to let us know asap so that your information can reach you in a timely manner. Send us an email at Tamelin Productions with the subject: "Covening address change".

Given the atmosphere we create at Twilight Covening and the state of the ongoing pandemic, the number of people we can accommodate is limited. Please register early to ensure admission. If cost is an issue and paying in installments will help you attend, please go ahead and register to pay by check and also e-mail us at as early as possible and we will try to help. Some assistance is available through the Morwen Two Feathers Scholarship Fund, and a few work exchange positions may be possible for individuals with construction or carpentry skills.

QR Code Morwen Two Feathers Scholarship Donation

Donate to the Morwen Two Feathers Scholarship Fund

Anyone can Donate to the Morwen Two Feathers Scholarship Fund to help other people attend Twilight Covening.

Twilight Covening Online Registration Instructions

To register online, click the link below. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with your registration number. Please do not register more than once. (If you are unsure if your registration has gone through please contact before attempting to register again.) If you have questions, additions, changes, or cancellations, e-mail us at Online payment options are: credit card (via PayPal), check, or money order. If you choose PayPal, you’ll be taken to the PayPal site at the appropriate time in the registration process. If you choose check or money order, please write your registration number on your payment and mail it to: Tamelin Productions, PO Box 340, Williamsburg, MA 01096. Checks must be postmarked no later than September 22

Important: Please check to make sure you have included all of the information required for application to Twilight Covening. Your application will be processed more rapidly with your help.  – Thank you
You will be asked to physically sign a waiver on site.

If you have not received your assignment by October 1, please contact the Tamelin Productions office at 413-238-4240 or


If you are not able to attend Twilight Covening and would like to receive credit for another event, you must request it in writing by September 24. If you need to have your money refunded, let us know before September 10. After that date, your registration money is committed toward the rental of the site, food purchases, and other expenses for which we have to pay in advance whether you attend or not. Please do not ask us for a refund or credit after September 24.

COVID-19 Exception: If you have tested positive for COVID or have been closely exposed within a week of the event, please do not attend Twilight Covening. You will receive a full one-year credit for another event or a refund.

You can mail your payment (and make checks out) to:
Tamelin Productions
PO Box 340
Williamsburg, MA 01096
or Register On-line

A $25 service charge will be applied to all refunds and bounced checks.

Volunteers for final clean up are welcome as are some for pre-event kitchen work. Please indicate your desire to volunteer on your application. Do not assume that you should come early unless you hear from us directly. Call the office at (413) 238-4240 and leave a message if you want to find out more. Please email to find out more.

Register for Twilight Covening Online

Twilight Covening Dreamcircle on EarthSpirit

Choosing your Twilight Covening Clan

Make sure that you read over all of the Clan descriptions carefully. There are many wonderful possibilities.

On your registration form, you will need to list five Clans as possible choices for the weekend. Since Clan size is limited, there is a good chance that you may not get your first choice. Every year some Clans fill up quickly and other Clans are canceled due to lack of demand. It varies a lot year to year. Please be ready to have several first choices and to be flexible! It is important that you indicate five preferences.

Number your preferences from 1 to 5, with 1 being your first choice. Registration forms which are filled out incompletely will only delay processing time, making it less likely that first choices will be available.
So that Clan Leaders can best meet the needs of all of the members of their Clan, whatever their level of experience, we ask that everyone answer all of the questions on the registration form.

All of the Clans at Twilight Covening are designed to provide deep and fulfilling experiences. Some Clans, indicated with an asterisk (*), include work that relies on past experience or is especially challenging. If you would like to apply to join one of these Clans, please let us know why it calls to you right now and include information about your training, skills and practice with this kind of work in your application along with information about the kind of support system you have in place outside of Twilight Covening (coven, teacher, therapist, etc.). If you do not include all of this information, we cannot assign you to one of these Clans.

To fully complete the ritual of Twilight Covening, you should arrive by dinner time on Friday and must plan to stay on site until Monday afternoon so that you don’t miss your Clan’s final meeting or the closing circle. Clan assignments will be finalized and mailed after the registration deadline of September 24. We will have a master list in the office; please call if you have not received your assignment by October 1.

Twilight Covening 2023 Clan List

Beaver Clan
Beaver may build dams, create new environments, and serve as the catalyst for increasingly complex natural systems, but this is all done in service of the beaver's lodge. Each night begins there, ends there, nourishment is stored there, shelter is taken there. Beaver's clever building skills create a haven in which to rest, to prepare, to create and teach. As Beaver labors to create a safe and bountiful place, so we may work to create such a space for our own magical and meditative practices. Beaver clan will focus on the work of deliberately shaping and building an internal space as a shelter, a place for self awareness and work, and stepping off point for other practices. Much of our time together will be spent in the construction of this personal space, to at least lay the foundations to build upon in the winter season.
Brannen, leader

Coral Clan*
Coral polyps live in colonies where many individual beings collaborate to form the living surface of a reef. In this clan, we too will learn to become parts of a larger whole, balancing connection and holding our own centers while working magically and logistically to create ritual space. Using breathwork, sensory awareness and movement practices, we will work with the quality of fluidity, learning to soften both our shapes and our attachments. We will shift between living coral and silent rock, sinking into the stillness of place. We will nourish the places where we are connected with ourselves and with each other so that we can move gracefully within the current of a ritual and also within the flow of our daily lives. This clan is appropriate for those who have attended Twilight Covening at least three times and will require the ability to move across rough terrain in the dark and to stand and move for several hours.
This clan will share a cabin and support the Visioning Ritual.
Isobel Arthen-Long, Sarah Rosehill, leaders

Cormorant Clan
The Cormorant's eyes have nictating membranes that help it to see clearly in different conditions, just as magical practice asks us to see our world differently. In this clan we will use breath, trance, movement, and photography to explore in light and shadow, to see between, into patterns, and outside the boxes we have been taught. We will work to find the places where magic and technology become partners. As a clan we will stretch our ability to hold an altered state, while collecting images to share after the event. This clan is not a photography class, and the camera or phone you will use is not important, as long as you are familiar with the tool (this is not the time to learn a new camera). This clan also assumes you have the skills to hold altered space and to ground when needed. Cormorant clan will have extra clan times. Come walk into the Mystery and allow yourselves to see.
*Members should have attended Covening in person at least once before.
This Clan will share a cabin.
Moira Ashleigh (she/her), Sarah Lyn (she/her) leaders

Earthworm Clan
Our community exists within a larger culture whose values and practices are leading us to a future of probable environmental catastrophe. The Permaculture Movement is one paradigm that is trying to reroute our collective trajectory by revising our Agricultural, Architectural and Social Systems. At its core Permaculture seeks to observe, understand and mimic natural systems and processes as well as acknowledge the wisdom of indigenous cultures who were able to live in balance with their native ecology in perpetuity. While veiled within the teaching and practices, the elders of the movement drew on a deep spiritual, even mystic relationship with the natural world. In this clan we will explore the Ethics, Principles and Practices of the movement from a Pagan Perspective while connecting with the spirit of nature that informs its foundation.
Martin Bridge, leader

Fisher Clan* clan full
Fear is a source of magic and power. Heathen magical practitioners – witches, werewolves, and seers – access the wisdom in fear. Modern culture emphasizes “overcoming” fear, seeing it as something external and unnatural inflicted upon us. But fear is a part of us as much as joy, anger, or grief. In this clan, we will explore fear, opening to the truth of mortality and Yggr (terror). Each participant will craft their own troll-hamr, a magical garment worked with symbols of our fear as a tool to carry this connection. Our clan work will include ritual, trance, and offerings to the land and spirits. Some of this clan’s work will happen late at night.
Trey Wentworth, Nikolas Wolfhame Katrick leaders

Gargoyle Clan
Where are your edges? What are your boundaries? How do I know what is mine, and what is yours? How do we discern the difference between perception and reality? In the Gargoyle Clan, we will explore the origins of our myriad impressions, and learn to align them with our reactions and choices. We will practice techniques for grounding, shielding, warding, discernment, protection, and refining perception. These techniques will include magickal, physical and mental forms, first practiced on ourselves, and then with each other. Techniques will vary, so that all may find their personal skill set within the forms and be able to access them going forward. This clan will spend most of its time outdoors and includes gentle movement and some physical contact.
Rose Starwind, Ted Thibodeau leaders

Gryphon Clan*
What’s holding you back? What frightens you? Do you have triggers? As like attracts like sometimes we must go to our inner darkness to understand the hidden truths that lie within. This allows us to embrace our power and release that which is no longer needed. The Gryphon clan is an introductory clan to the techniques of Dark Eros. We will utilize guided meditation, breathing, and physical sensation work to help us on a journey of empowerment. The clan is designed to allow you the freedom to push your own boundaries in a safe, sane, consensual and nurturing environment. The clan is best for those who have explored the leather/BDSM lifestyle, and more suitable for past Twilight/Rites participants. Those with touch issues, those opposed to frank discussion of human sensuality and those unwilling for deep introspection, might find the clan too challenging.
Cerillian, Dawn leaders

Lynx Clan
Seeing the smallest motion and hearing what is hidden, the Lynx knows the feel of its environment and relies on all of its senses to hunt at night and to avoid danger. How actively do you pay attention to what all of your senses are telling you, especially the inner non-physical senses? Learn and practice tuning in to your inner psychic vision, while still being aware of the world around you. Learn when the voice in your head isn't your own thinking. Tell the difference between worrying and a gut feeling or intuition that is telling you something new. Begin to explore ways that you can quickly tune in to what is around you with all of your physical and intuitive senses so you can choose if some action is needed. We will spend part of our clan time walking around the woods and water.
Eric Arthen, leader

Manx Shearwater Clan not running
The Manx Shearwater is a migratory bird that navigates by the stars. The map above them points them unerringly to their destination. Humans have learned how to use that same star map in their own physical and spiritual travels. In this Clan, we will apply the basic principles of this art, known as astrology, to shaping our own life paths, and begin to read for others as well. We will delve deeply into the essentials in our own birth charts and let that knowledge guide us, focusing primarily on charting this year's Winter work. No prior astrological knowledge required.
Miriam Klamkin, leader

Minotaur Clan
The Minotaur embodies the conflict between our light and dark sides and the challenges we face to live authentically in the face of societal expectations. This innate duality mirrors our own internal battle between the part of ourselves we show the world and the part we feel we must hide. The Minotaur’s hiding place, the labyrinth, serves as a metaphor for the deep recesses of our soul that conceal the shadow part of ourselves. It represents the complexity of our fears, secrets, and unresolved conflicts that we must come to terms with to achieve authenticity and wholeness. As the hero of our own story, we must be willing to face and conquer our internal demons to achieve growth and transformation. This clan will use the labyrinth as a tool to acknowledge and confront our internal struggles and embark on a journey of self-realization. Clan members will learn to create a labyrinth to be used for this work throughout the weekend and will spend extended time on Saturday night working with it in the darkness. You do not need any prior knowledge of or work with the labyrinth to join this clan.
This clan will share a cabin.
Tracy Andryc, leader

Moon Hare Clan*
Bewitched by the Moonlight, Hares leap into the wild world of dreams. In this clan, we will follow the Moon Hare along the luminous dream paths, linking our mythic souls with our lived experience. We will explore techniques for listening to, understanding and honoring our dreams and the dreams of others. Considering ideas and tools developed by modern dream pioneers as well as ancient cultural approaches to dream work, we will learn how to uncover the messages of healing, revelation and transformation that lie within each dream. In Moon Hare Clan, we will explore some advanced dream work practices to more deeply access the power, insight and wisdom that dreams offer us. These practices include dream incubation, dream re-entry, and strengthening dream recall. We will also work with ways to physicalize our dream imagery through artwork and movement. This clan is for people who have attended Seal Clan or have some experience with dream work.
Juniper Talbot, Leader; Dani Schuman, Co-leader

Moose Clan clan full
The Moose is both ungainly and magnificent, wandering the northern woods and wetlands; they manage to become the largest of the deer on simple browse. Safe from anything short of a grizzly or pack of wolves, Moose fear nothing, and mind their own business. In this clan we will be exploring herbal medications, especially in Northern European folk practice, but also including our local east coast weeds. The clan will be creating various salves, ointments, potions, syrups and teas, and learn about techniques for foraging, growing, gathering, and preparing useful herbal remedies, as well as learning about charms, energy enhancement of herbal remedies, and communicating with our plant allies.
Tchipakkan, leader

Octopus Clan
Manifesting our memory, opportunities, and challenges through talisman, Octopus clan will bring the magic of artistic creation as a tool for growth and vision. Fetishes have been utilized in various cultures throughout time as a means for both storytelling and ritual. Octopus Clan will primarily use natural materials and primitive techniques to create physical objects that can be kept and worked.
Kaye Kittredge, Mark Girard leaders

Opossum Clan* not running
Opossums are considered by some to be living fossils because they have retained traits of their ancestors that existed millions of years ago. They have exceptional night vision and are able to put themselves into an “inactive state” in order to protect themselves from the cold. But perhaps the most well-known trait of the opossum is their ability to feign death when the need arises. Join us in this introductory clan as we sharpen our senses and open to accepting knowledge our ancestors already know. Peek into the quiet and learn how to effectively and compassionately bear witness to the dying. Step into the stillness and examine the fears and uncertainties of our own inevitable decline and deaths. In the end, re-animate with new experiences, changes in perspective and tools to utilize when (not if) the need arises. (This clan may trigger deep emotions, so please reflect carefully on where you are in your processes in order to get the most out of this experience. Grieving is a natural part of life, but unfortunately we won't have the time to process grief or bereavement during our short clan time.)
Dawn Elizabeth, Christopher LaFond leaders

Pileated Woodpecker Clan* clan full
Magick arises from the practical application of tools to craft beauty and function with respect and intention. This is especially true of woodworking. The tools we use – be they powered by muscles or electricity – are the means we use to transform the bodies of trees into art with a purpose. And in the transformation, our own bodies and minds enter a relationship with the more-than-just-human world, shaping wood and being shaped in return. In this clan, we will engage with woodworking toward the goal of each clan member crafting their own portable altar, small and collapsible to be easily carried and packed for spiritual gatherings yet multi-functional to serve for both storage and display of contemplative tools. We will engage with the lives of the trees whose bodies we transform, with hand and power tools as creative magickal implements, and with our own intentions toward our spiritual practices. Previous experience with woodworking is not required, but familiarity and comfort with using basic tools safely is a must.
This clan carries with it an additional $50 fee for materials which can be paid in cash on site.
Steve Trombulak, leader

Praying Mantis Clan clan full
Where do the mundane and the sacred meet? How do we feel and use this intersection in our lives? In Praying Mantis Clan, we will explore the convergence of movement, prayer, breath, and connection. Diving deep into our individual spiritual paths, we will examine the different forms prayer and reverence can take. We will learn techniques rooted in traditions across the world for strengthening our spiritual practices as well as ways to carry our connection with us into the wider world. This Clan will include dance, yoga, breathing, service, prayer of many kinds, Metta, and gratitude practice. Praying Mantis Clan participants must be able to walk, stand and sit easily, and be ready to spend extra time in service to the event.
This clan will share a cabin. Exceptions for specific needs are possible.
Irene Glasse, Kelley B leaders

Sidewinder Snake Clan*
Our shapes slither and we move sideways through the shifting sands of who the world expects us to be. In this clan we will work with the magical practice of Guising as we begin to soften and shift the way we perceive and are perceived through meditation, breath work, and moving with intention. We will disrupt patterns of our behavior and spend time exploring other ways of being embodied in the world. What assumptions do you have about who you are? What could you be? Shed your skin and move into new shapes with us.
**This clan is open to people who have been to Covening at least three times prior to this year.
Katie LaFond, leader

Turkey Vulture Clan*
In the air Turkey Vultures are graceful, beautiful, peaceful. On earth they look fierce, raw, ugly, terrifying. They don’t kill to survive; they eat what is already dead. In Egypt, vultures are considered protectors of the living and consumers of the dead. In the Turkey Vulture Clan we will call on the Fierce Feminine Archetype to reclaim our Power. We will commune with the dark goddess to recognize those dark moon times that help us rest and prepare for new growth and rebirth. The divine feminine calls on us to be agile, to use our intuition and live in our truth. Like the cycle of the moon, which goes from light to dark, and back to light again, we honor the cycles of our lives. This Clan will dive deep, which includes components of discussion, independent exploration, ritual, and group interaction. We will awaken our own pure knowing and sovereignty. We encourage the participation of persons of all genders and welcome the opportunity to help make feminine archetypes work for you. Some of our workings will be done during the witching hour.
Participants will be encouraged to share a cabin.
Lanna Lee Maheux, Michele Abazorius Whitaker leaders


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Twilight Covening 2023 Clan Leaders


Brannen (Beaver Clan) (he/him/his) is a Polytheist, Animist, and Pagan from the South. From an early start stumbling into meditation and soul of a place, Brannen's practice has taken shape over the decades to a focus on connection and right relationships with the places, entities, and people experienced.


Cerillian (Gryphon Clan) (he/him) currently resides in Jonesborough TN and has been leading clans and workshops for over 20 years. Being a practitioner of Earth Based religion since his youth, and actively involved in the pansexual leather community for 35 years, he has become known for creating a safe, nurturing and relaxed environment in which to explore Dark Eros work.

Christofer LaFond
Christopher LaFond (Opossum Clan) (he/him) is a trained Death Midwife and the founder of Western MA Death Midwife Services, which serves as a support for Death Midwives and the community at large. Wherever possible, he talks about end-of-life issues in order to normalize and encourage death-positivity in our death-denying culture. Chris is a professional astrologer, a developer of foreign language educational materials, and the director of Western MA Pagan Pride Day. He has led clans at Twilight Covening for many years, and serves on the Board of Directors for EarthSpirit.
Dani Schuman

Dani Schuman (Moon Hare Clan) (she/her) is a third degree High Priestess in the North Star Wiccan tradition and has worn many hats - doula, actress, teacher, bookseller, social worker, singer, dreamer, ritualist, introvert, community builder, coven leader, and most importantly, mom. She enjoys tarot, gardening, reading, swimming, wandering, and making or listening to music. Unsure if she is more of a kitchen witch, a green witch, or a hedge witch, Dani recently moved to the city and is excited to explore what it means to be an urban witch!

Dawn DeZan

Dawn (Gryphon Clan) is a solitary kitchen-witch who has known she was pagan ever since reading Greek Myths in high school. She has attended Twilight Covening for over 15 years. She has been in both Gryphon and Wyvern Clans and has attended and assisted in the planning of other Dark Eros events. She also really hates writing bios.

Dawn Elizabeth

Dawn Elizabeth (Opossum Clan) (she/her) is a nurse, death midwife and advocate for the living and dying. She has been involved with the EarthSpirit Community for over 20 years- at Rites of Spring, in the background of Twilight Covening and everywhere in between. She hopes her teaching will encourage a death-positive culture and give her community the information they need to assist the dying in a confident and compassionate way.

Eric Arthen

Eric Arthen (Lynx Clan) is a Glenshire witch who has been an avid student of psychic and dream phenomena for over thirty years. He has lead clans and workshops since the first Twilight Covening. Some of these skills have not come easily to him, so he has paid particular attention on how to learn and teach them.

Irene Glasse

Irene Glasse (Praying Mantis Clan) (she/her) is a Heathen witch based in Western Maryland. She is a longtime teacher of witchcraft, meditation, and magic in the mid-Atlantic. She is the co-author of "Blackfeather Mystery School: The Magpie Training" (Dragon Alchemy, 2022), a contributing writer of "Gemini Witch: Unlock the Magic of Your Sun Sign" and "Llewellyn's 2024 Sabbats Almanac" (Llewellyn Worldwide, 2023), and a blogger and columnist. Irene has performed, taught workshops, and led rituals at many festivals and conferences over the years. She is the main organizer of the Frederick Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (Frederick CUUPS), offering events, rituals, classes and workshops to a large, vibrant community.

Isobel Arthen Long

Isobel Arthen-Long (Coral Clan) (she/her) is an animist, ritualist, scientist, and practitioner of Anamanta. She has been creating and supporting ritual at EarthSpirit events for over 15 years, and endeavors to bring those skills to her daily life, always holding the mystery amid the mundane. A lifelong member of EarthSpirit, Isobel finds deep power in tradition and deepening shared culture within the community.

Juniper Talbot

Juniper Talbot (Moon Hare Clan) has been a witch since 1982 and is an Elder in Lenai Aine, a Celtic witchcraft coven.  She has been co-facilitating a Dream Group in her hometown and leading dream workshops since the early 2000’s.  Juniper has studied dream work with Jeremy Taylor, Robert Moss, Stephen Aizenstat and others, and is passionate about sharing this inspirational realm of wisdom with fellow dreamers. Listen to her podcast interview about dreams on EarthSpirit Voices!

Katie Lafond on EarthSpirit

Katie LaFond (Sidewinder Snake Clan) is a musician, educator, fiber artist, homesteader, ritualist, core volunteer, and practitioner of Anamanta and has been involved with EarthSpirit since 2000. Katie serves on the EarthSpirit Board of Directors, the organizing committee for Western MA Pagan Pride Day, is a Massachusetts Notary Public and a certified Death Midwife, tends the EarthSpirit Healing Shrine, leads Sunflower Evenings, and is a member of MotherTongue.

Kaye Kitt

Kaye Kittredge (Octopus Clan) (she/her) is an artist, systems thinker, and member of Glainn Sidhr. She draws inspiration from nature throughout her life, including in her professional work in program management, organizational transformation and alignment in the information technology sector. She is a long-time member of the Rites of Spring core volunteers and a frequent clanleader at Twilight Covening, most recently offering a variety of clans centered around the many ways we create as individuals and as a community. She serves on the Board and has held an active role for many years in creating EarthSpirit's Boston-area programming.

Kelley B

Kelley B (Praying Mantis Clan) is a long time ES Community member, having offered clans at TC for 17 years. Her Work is inspired by The Spirit of Crow, Buddhist Metta meditation, Seneca Nation Practices, and a deep Connection with Gratitude. You may find her at ROS running the kitchen in the mornings and making everyone coffee.

Lanna Lee Maheux

Lanna Lee Maheux (Turkey Vulture Clan) is passionate about helping others realize & reclaim their own power. Lanna uses pronouns she/her & is a witch, faery seer, podcaster, ex-clown, balloon twister, actor, geek, silly person, writer, singer, twit, & recovering Stand-Up Comic. A long-time member of the EarthSpirit Community, Lanna has presented at Rites of Spring, & has led the White Raven, Turkey Vulture, and Honey Badger Clans at Twilight Covening. Lanna Lee likes shiny things.

Mark Girard

Mark Girard (Octopus Clan) is an artist who resides in Western MA. When not spending time in the woods, he’s often carving, sculpting, or playing with swords. His personal philosophy on art is to do more with less, often letting the materials speak for themselves.

Martin Bridge

Martin Bridge (Earthworm Clan) is an artist and educator who makes his home in the hills of western Mass. One of the most central themes to his work is an exploration of the natural world and humanity's place in relation to the web of life that we are a part of. His work bridges realms of science and mysticism in an effort to challenge the cultural paradigms that dictate how we relate to both the natural world as well as our sisters and brothers. Martin Holds a Diploma from the Permaculture Institute with a focus on "Arts, Media and Communication; Education and Spiritual Development". His Permaculture related artwork has been shared in international publications and educational material.

Michele Abazorius-Whitaker

Michele Abazorius-Whitaker (Turkey Vulture Clan) utilizes archetypes and phases of the moon to journey within the Fierce Feminine and Crone activation through ritual expression. A long time member of EarthSpirit Community, Michele has presented workshops and intensives at Rites of Spring and has co-led Caribou and Turkey Vulture Clans at Twilight Covening.  Michele uses she/her pronouns and identifies as witch, a healer and graduates as a Nurse Practitioner this fall!  Michele defines her best role as Grandmother.

Miriam Klamkin

Miriam Klamkin (Manx Shearwater Clan) is a Glainn Sidhr Witch, professional astrologer, teacher and spiritual coach. She has led numerous Twilight Covening Clans over the past 30 years, focused on sensory and psychic awareness, self-knowledge tools, connecting with Nature, and energy work. She has taught many workshops and classes at Rites of Spring and Feast of Lights, has served for many years as a Rites core volunteer, and leads the ongoing 60+ Affinity Group. Miriam has studied and practiced the art of astral navigation for more than 45 years. Her own star map has informed and enriched her own amazing life journey.

Moira Ashleigh

Moira Ashleigh (Cormorant Clan) (she/her) is a Glainn Sidhr Witch, who has led numerous clans at Twilight Covening on breath, trance, ritual support, ritual roles, shapeshifting, perceiving patterns, and the body as a magical tool. She is also one of the ritual photographers at Rites of Spring and was the photographer for the EarthSpirit presence at The Parliament of the World's Religions 2009, 2018. Moira uses her photography to share her love of the natural magic in the world and in her community.


Nikolas Wolfhame Katrick (Fisher Clan) is a thane and Gesith (guardian) of the Heathen kindred Chase Hill. He is a werewolf in love with the mystery of wild places and a guide on the bridge to the more-than-human world of identity. As a carpenter, writer, gardener, outdoor guide, fire & rescue officer, nonprofit professional, and educator, he wears too many hats (and has fun doing it). Telling and listening to stories, talking about anthropomorphism, scheming up new projects, and spending time with beloved communities makes his tail wag.

Rose Starwind

Rose Starwind (Gargoyle Clan) is a mother, dreamer, green witch and perpetual student of the Earth; she is also an Initiate of multiple western occult lineages and has been a magical practitioner for decades.   Blending her livelihood as an environmental scientist with her duties as a spirit worker, she brings a practical common-sense approach to living one's magic.

Sarah Lynn

Sarah Lyn (Cormorant Clan) (she/her) is a queer writer and ritualist, transformed by fire. She facilitates group rituals and workshops, often focusing on her affinity with chanting, labyrinths, and her deep Ancestor reverence. Sarah Lyn can often be found at some place in nature with her camera in hand. She is a long-time EarthSpirit Community member and Twilight Covening clan leader.

Sarah Rosehill

Sarah Rosehill (Coral Clan) (she/her) has been creating ritual, organizing, and teaching with the EarthSpirit community for more than twenty years. Trained in Anamanta and Feri, she finds power in deepening connections and in creating and holding ritual space. She lives with her partner and three young children in the hilltowns of Western Massachusetts.

Steve Trombulak on EarthSpirit

Steve Trombulak (Pileated Woodpecker Clan) Steve is a conservation biologist and pagaian who works to heal the connections between community and the more-than-just-human world.  These efforts have drawn him to the paths of voice, music, motion, and service for community empowerment and expression.  He’s an animist, poet, woodworker, birder, scuba diver, teacher, and grandfather.  He’s generally thought to be harmless, although his nicknames include “Steve the Mean” and “the Trombulator,” so … fair warning.


Tchipakkan (Moose Clan) is an artist, writer, healer, and eclectic pagan/heathen/rustic, magick user, and authentic crone. I’ve been openly pagan for the last 45 years, author of several pagan cookbooks, teacher and student. Cofounder with Jane Sibley of the Changing Times Changing Worlds Conference, and host of the Otherworldly podcast, I practice and teach RúnValdr, Reiki, Huna healing, herbalism, and Soothsay with runes, palmistry, tarot, dowsing and anything handy. I’d rather teach people how than to do things for them, but anything that gets it done.

Ted Twilight Covening

"Tall Ted" Thibodeau Jr (Gargoyle Clan) (he/him/his) is a Witch of the Glainn Sidhr Order, and has been actively working with EarthSpirit since 1989. Over the years, he has co-facilitated and co-created various public rituals and workshops, long been the Chief of Operations at Rites of Spring, and led and co-led several Clans at Twilight Covening including Coyote (sacred clowning); Bison, Monkey, Otter, Spider (heartbeat and other drumming); and Reindeer (Norse practices); among others. Employed as a Technical Evangelist, he uses his magical practices to broaden and deepen the world wide web of invisible connections, building bridges between beings, communities, and technologies.


Tracy Andryc (Minotaur Clan) (she/her) has been sharing her love of the labyrinth since her first walk on its path in 1998. She sees the labyrinth as a universal tool that can be used in a magical/spiritual context, regardless of your religious path. Tracy is a Veriditas Certified Labyrinth Facilitator, Certified Birth Doula, Reiki Master, and owner of One Path Labyrinth Ventures. She takes a holistic approach to her labyrinth work by incorporating other modalities such as crystal grids, sound, and sacred dance. For more than two decades, she has facilitated workshops and rituals on the labyrinth and other topics at venues throughout New England.

Trey Wentworth

Trey Wentworth (Fisher Clan) (they/them) is a queer witch, seer, and goðar in the Heathen tradition.  In the deep woods of the Green Mountains they founded and have led the Chase Hill kindred for over a decade.  Trey teaches Heathen practice and lore through workshops, writing, ritual, and daily life, and presents at local and regional events in New England.  Trey is also a writer of novels, poetry, and songs, and has published under the name Trey Moonwood.