A Feast of Lights 2020
Winter by Kate Richardson of EarthSpirit
Winter by Kate Richardson

A Feast of Lights

Finding Light and Hope in the Midst of Darkness
February 5-7, 2021
Online via Zoom

A Feast of Lights is a time to gather to rekindle our fires at the season of the Celtic festival of Imbolg or midwinter, when the cold is deepest. It is a time to find warmth in community and tap into the strength of the returning light. This winter we need the promise of that small flame in the darkness, and so we will stir together a rich community with a wonderful collection of teachers, performers, artists, and merchants. Together, we will kindle the fire within to nourish our spirits and minds through the dark of winter and the challenges to come.

This very special weekend, all online this year, is a time to celebrate with and learn from each other, a time to find power – in the old traditions, in creative and artistic expression, and in vibrant discussion and planning direction for the coming year. Come to make music, listen, learn, dance, shop, laugh, reflect, and enjoy warm company. Come to look toward the future, to think and to make plans. As we share with one another, and support one another, we can feel the spark of life, hidden deep beneath the snows of winter, begin to glow warm within our hearts.

Weekend Features include:

Žemyna Trinkūnaitė of Romuva, live from Lithuania, in concert on the Kankles

Heathens Against Hate, with Ethan Stark and Robert Schreiwer

Ongoing Art Space with Martin Bridge

Winter Ritual with Katie LaFond

The Art Salon, Bardic Circle with music, poetry and dance, Merchants and The Stag King’s Masque, with ritual theater and dancing.

Scheduled programs begin in the early afternoon on Friday, February 5 and continue until late afternoon on Sunday, February 7. A Feast of Lights Program PDF

Art Salon

Programs and  Proposals

Each year we offer a wide variety of presentations, performances and rituals. In our selection process this year we will prioritize proposals for adults, children and families with a focus on pagan culture and traditions, participatory ritual, art-making and crafts, sustainable pagan living, arts and music, spiritual practice and activism/service.

NEW: A Feast of Lights Program PDF 

The Stag King’s Masque

The Stag King’s Masque is a celebratory ritual journey into a winter realm of mystery. We travel into the winter forest to the court of the Stag King, where we join the creatures of the Otherworld at midwinter to revel and celebrate the darkest time of the year. You are invited to come as a being of the forest or in a wintry costume to immerse yourself in the magic of the Stag King’s court. Check back for more details about the DJ’d dance that follows!

A Feast of Lights 2018 Stag Dance EarthSpirit

A Feast of Lights Application Information

Registration for A Feast of Lights includes daily programs and performances and the Community Room/ Merchant Hall throughout the weekend, as well as the Stag King’s Masque and dance party, beginning in the early afternoon on Friday and ending in the late afternoon on Sunday.

Since this event will be online, and we want to make it as affordable as possible, we have developed a special registration rate that acknowledges that several people in a household may want to attend together. There will also be a spot for scholarship contributions so that we can offer assistance to individuals who cannot afford to attend without it.

Registration Rates:

Full Weekend, including the Stag King’s Masque and Dance party: $60 per person or $120 per household of up to 4 people.
Please list all names and email and mailing addresses for household members attending.
It will be helpful to us to know the names and ages of any children who might attend as well, so that we can consider their program needs.

The deadline for pre-registration in any format is January 31, 2020.

Refund Policy: 50% refund for requests received in writing before January 31, 2018.

NO refunds after that date

A Feast of Lights Register Online Here!

Please complete a separate registration form for each adult attending.
You will receive a confirmation e-mail with your registration number.
Online payment options are: credit card (via PayPal), check, or money order. If you choose PayPal, you’ll be taken to the secure PayPal site at the appropriate time in the registration process. You do not need an account in order to register via PayPal.

If you registered on line and are mailing in your payment, please include your registration number with your check or money order.

To pay for more than one registration:

  • With PayPal, make a separate payment with each registration form.
  • With check or money order, you may combine payments. Please write all relevant registration numbers on the check.

All registrations and full payment must be received by January 31 to:

Tamelin Productions
P.O. Box 340
Williamsburg, MA 01096
phone: 413-238-4240

Where to contact us about A Feast of Lights:
By phone: 413-238-4240
By email about A Feast of Lights: folreg@tamelinproductions.com
By email about other matters: earthspirit@earthspirit.com
By postal mail:
Tamelin Productions; PO Box 340, Williamsburg, MA 01096
Please call our office if you have questions. Our website will be updated with program information as it becomes available.

We look forward to seeing you at this midwinter celebration of spirit, hope, community, and the arts

A Feast of Lights Register Online Here!




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