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EarthSpirit Saturdays

EarthSpirit Saturdays are online events that provide regular opportunities to connect through seasonal rituals and informal workshops around topics of interest. They are free and open to the public.

Upcoming Rituals

EarthSpirit Saturdays: Yule - December 11, 2021, 4 pm Eastern Time

Join us as we gather together to welcome the returning light to the Earth and celebrate the longest night and the cycle of the seasons. We come together to renew our connections and share the warmth of community.

If possible, please bring a candle you can inscribe (a votive, taper, or pillar will work better than a tealight, but bring what you have!), something you can use to do the inscribing (like a paperclip or a pin), and a way to light the candle.

This ritual will take place on Zoom.  When the time comes, you can click to join the event.

You will need a password for this event! You can get it by sending us an email or sending a private Facebook message to The EarthSpirit Community.


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