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EarthSpirit Saturdays

EarthSpirit Saturdays are online events that provide regular opportunities to connect through seasonal rituals and informal workshops around topics of interest. They are free and open to the public.

Upcoming Rituals

Saturday, October 23 at 4 pm Eastern: Samhain (Dumb Supper)

Inspired by a traditional Dumb Supper, we will come together with our own delicious foods and share stories of those who came before.
We honor many types of ancestors, including those of our bloodlines and families, those of our spiritual traditions, and those who lived on the land before us. We invite you to consider how you might include foods your ancestors would have enjoyed in your meal, as well as setting a place at your table for them.
We will begin all together and then gather in small groups. We invite each participant to choose one ancestor to tell a story about. We’ll come back together at the end and close with a brief ritual piece honoring the dead.
A note on children: children and families are welcome at this event. We ask all participants to largely remain muted, which can be helpful for allowing families to participate! We will frankly discuss mortality and grief at this event and rely on parents’ best judgement about whether this is appropriate for their particular children.
When the time comes, you can click here to join the Zoom event.
You will need a password for this event.  It will be posted to the private Rites of Spring Facebook group or you can email us to get it.


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