Rites 35

Rites of Spring 36 ~ May 21-26, 2014

We gather once again to celebrate the sacred Earth and the turning of the seasons in the mountains of western Massachusetts. Together we will weave the web of community Ancient traditions and new thought come together in workshops and conversation. Young people pass from childhood with the community's blessing. The sacred fires burn, drums echo the rhythms of life and dancers join the sparks flying toward the darkened sky. Lasting friendships form and families grow as we come together in our learning, our music, our ritual and our joy.

The EarthSpirit Community and Tamelin Productions invite you to join us for the thirty-sixth annual Rites of Spring -- a gathering open to all who celebrate the sacred nature of the Earth. At the end of May, every year since 1979, our community has re-emerged as 500 participants from all over the United States and abroad come together to live and learn, work and play in a setting apart from our everyday lives.

Rites of Spring offers a week filled with over a hundred workshops, rituals and performances.  As our circle fully opens on Wednesday and grows still more on Friday, together we form a vibrant and joyful living community that expands outward with us when we leave.

When we go, we carry home new perceptions about each other and the world, as well as personal commitments to making a difference in the world around us based on the strength of our spiritual connection with our community and with all of life. We know that we build our future on this sacred Earth together.

In the two days before the full gathering begins, we hold the Village Builders' Assembly.  We invite up to 100 people who have attended Rites of Spring at least once before to be part of this special time devoted to creating a beautiful and magical space for our week together.  Please follow the link to Village Builders' Assembly for more information.

Join us for what promises to be an inspirational and joyful Rites of Spring.

Musical Highlights



Kulgrinda, a special return visit to the US by members of this enchanting and mesmerizing pagan folkloric group from Lithuania which performs traditional music dating back to their country's pre-Christian culture: including centuries-old folksongs and chants called dainas, with rich modal harmonies accompanied by the Lithuanian bagpipe and the zither-like kankles. They will perform, lead rituals and teach workshops.
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Shaped by Sacred Fire-Circles, friendships, and connections made over the last fifteen years, Kidimandi is a charismatic, high-energy drumming troupe which draws primarily upon West African musical tradition and the pan-African diaspora, integrating melodic sounds with dynamic rhythms. You will recognize many of the musicians as long-time Rites of Spring drummers and community members.

Will and Lynn

Will and Lynn Rowan

Just returning from touring eastern Europe with their group Windborn, Will and Lynn will perform traditional and original ballads and songs deeply rooted in the Anglo-American folk tradition with a focus on duet harmony singing with tender banjo and lyre accompaniment.


Bardo Brothers

The Bardo Brothers

Blending ingredients traditional and original, long time community favorites, the Bardo Brothers, concoct something Magical as they celebrate in song and story the changing of the seasons and the gathering of the Tribe. http://www.bardobrothers.com

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