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Outdoor Samhain Ritual Western MA

EarthSpirit Invites You To Attend Its 41st Annual Samhain Celebration

EarthSpirit Outdoor Samhain Celebration
6-7 pm, Friday October 29, 2021
at Childs Park in Northampton, MA

Gather outdoors with EarthSpirit to celebrate the changing season and honor those who have gone before us.
We’ll take time to honor the cycle of life that is present for all of us, as it is for the Earth.
We will walk a spiral in to the Ancestor Altar with an offering to express our gratitude, ask a favor or make a promise.

A drizzle will not stop us, but if it is pouring we will have to cancel.

Please bring a folding chair if you will need one.

Children who can focus and participate (or sleep) are welcome. Parents should be responsible for taking them on a walk if they become distracting to others.

If you are able, please bring a pair of new warm socks or gloves to donate to the Northampton Survival Center.
We will pass a basket for contributions to EarthSpirit.  $5 per person or $10 per family suggested.

Child’s Park is near Cooley Dickenson Hospital, the YMCA and Northampton High School.
If you are driving, park on Woodlawn (best) or Prospect and walk in.
The R42 bus between Williamsburg and Northampton stops on the corner of the park.

Feeding The Dead

EarthSpirit LogoThe EarthSpirit Newsletter Autumn 96
Feeding The Dead
by Anne Lafferty

At Samhain many members of the Earthspirit Community come together to honor the dead. Before the ritual begins, participants go to one of several ancestor shrines to speak to those who have died and listen to other people tell their own stories. During the ritual itself, we call out the names of our loved ones who have gone before. We come together to remember the dead and honor them.

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