FireHeart Interview with STARHAWK

FireHeart 7 Cover for EarthSpiritSTARHAWK
Healing Our Wounds ©1993

Since the ground-breaking publication of The Spiral Dance, Starhawk has been the single most visible and influential force in the Neo-Pagan revival. Thousands of people have first learned about Witchcraft from her books and workshops. In fact, the image of Witchcraft as feminist and socially engaged is largely a product of her work. A therapist, educator and activist, Starhawk is also a restless and unconventional spirit. Not allowing herself to be limited by her previous accomplishments, she is constantly growing and looking for new fields to conquer, as she has done in her recently released novel The Fifth Sacred Thing.

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1999 Parliament of the Worlds’ Religions

EarthSpirit LogoParliament of the Worlds Religions
December 1 – 8, 1999
Capetown South Africa
*A New Day Dawning*

In 1993 the second Parliament was held, again in Chicago. This time it was the Earth-centered spirituality which was introduced and welcomed with acknowledgment and respect for what these traditions had to offer. The week long event included workshops, services, prayer and meditation with almost every faith tradition presently in existence, concerts, cultural events, presentations from some of the world’s most respected religious leaders, notably the Dalai Lama and an assembly of religious and spiritual leaders whose members signed “Towards a Global Ethic” a document outlining principles and directives for peace, social justice and sustainability of life. EarthSpirit, along with several other organizations and tribal groups represented the Earth Religions at the Parliament and in the Assembly and signed that document.

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THE FIRST SONG: A tale of how Yule got its name

EarthSpirit LogoEarthSpirit Newsletter Yule 94
THE FIRST SONG: A tale of how Yule got its name
by Andras Corban Arthen

This is the story of the very first song; it is a true story, as all stories are, if you believe in them. This story begins a long, long time ago, when the Earth and Sun gave birth to the first beings-the very first plants, and animals, and people. It was springtime, and the Sun shone warm and bright from his high perch above, and Earth, proud mother that she was, held and fed her newborns and relished them with tenderness and love. It was a time of joy, it was a time of great delight.

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The Flame in the Snow

EarthSpirit LogoEarthSpirit Newsletter Winter 94
The Flame in the Snow
A Desultory Musing on an Imbolg Night
by Andras Corban Arthen

The hard-packed snow crunches underfoot. More than thirty of us, we wend our way in single file on the narrow trail along the frozen pond. All around, the woods are whisper-still, silent watchers of this curious band of darkling figures inching forward on short, halting steps.

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THEODORE MILLS, 1924 – 1996

EarthSpirit LogoEarthSpirit Newsletter Spring 97
THEODORE MILLS, 1924 – 1996
by Andras Corban Arthen

Ted Mills died around midday on Wednesday, 21 February 1996. Or, more properly, he moved on to “another room” in his life, for that is how he would prefer us to speak of his passing. For thirty years, Ted played a subtle but very influential role among contemporary American witches, as a teacher, as a mentor, as an elder.
Theodore Mills

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Of Visions Changes and Community

EarthSpirit LogoEarthSpirit Newsletter Spring 97
Of Visions Changes and Community
By Andras Corban Arthen

Nestled among the rolling hills of western Massachusetts there is a place bounded by streams, with woods of hemlock, of maple and of birch, and stretches of green meadow with apple trees and berry bushes and gardens with flowers of many kinds. Atop a hill, a fire blazes inside a ring of stones, its sparks cavorting across the midnight sky to join the twinkling canopy of stars. Drums pound, voices sing, shadows dance; a large black dog watches with unblinking eyes. A slender, tall and branchless tree stands all alone, sheathed in an intricate web of many-colored ribbons. Dawn stirs awake, a hawk flies overhead.

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MotherTongue at the Parliament October 93

EarthSpirit LogoEarthSpirit Newsletter
MotherTongue at the Parliament October 93

MotherTongue in concert

MotherTongue, EarthSpirit’s performance troupe, had a busy and exciting time representing EarthSpirit and Pagan spirituality at the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Chicago August 28 – Sept. 5 1993. After busking in Harvard Square, helping with the EarthSpirit garage sale, and giving two concerts in Salem and Turner’s Falls in order to help pay the way, the group gave four official performances and one impromptu surprise appearance during a week full of opportunities to present Earth-centered spirituality to a mostly receptive audience drawn from all of the world’s faith traditions.

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EarthSpirit at the Parliament of the World’s Religions

EarthSpirit LogoEarthSpirit Newsletter October 93
EarthSpirit at the Parliament of the World’s Religions
by Andras Corban Arthen

We have just returned from attending the second Parliament of the World’s Religions in Chicago, an event which originated a century ago as the first major interfaith conference in recorded history.

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EarthSpirit’s Statement in support of Standing Rock

Andras Corban Arthen at ECER 2014 for EarthSpirit
Andras Corban Arthen at ECER 2014

The EarthSpirit Community expresses its solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Nation as its people who defend and protect their sacred lands and water. The current desecration and violence taking place in North Dakota is one more episode in a long and ongoing history of abuses by both commercial entities and by the United States government toward the original inhabitants of this land, all for the sake of power and monetary gain. It is abhorrent and it needs to end.

We know that all of our Earth is sacred. We know that the stones and the trees, the rivers and the oceans, the thunder and the mountains are filled with spirit along with all living species who share this planet. We honor the ancestors and know that their burial places deserve honor and respect. We share this understanding with the Water Protectors and we defend their right to preserve what is sacred.

The Dakota Access Pipeline has no right to encroach on the land of the Sioux Nation without invitation. Nor should the water or important cultural sites on that land be endangered by a fossil fuel pipeline that does not serve them in any way. We ask for a halt to construction, for the demilitarization of the police force in the area and for a peaceful solution that respects both the Sioux Nation and our mother the Earth.

To support Director, Andras Corban Arthen’s travel to Standing Rock and any further EarthSpirit participation in the efforts there, you may contribute through paypal at:

For more information:…/confrontation-at-the-can…

To take peaceful action:

Sign: the ACLUs petition to demilitarize police at Standing Rock:…
Contact: North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple at 701-328-2200 and leave a message stating your opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline.
Call the White House: at 202-456-1111 or 202-456-1414 to ask President Obama to rescind the Army Corps of Engineers permit for the Dakota Access Pipeline.
Call the Army Corps of Engineers: at (202) 761-0011 and demand that they rescind the permit for the pipeline and reject the current permit request from DAPL to bore under the river.
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Headquarters
441 G St NW
Washington, DC 20314
Public comment line for those interested in voicing their thoughts and concerns on the Dakota Access Pipeline project: (202) 761-8700.

Donovan Arthen at Standing Rock
Donovan Arthen sharing Holy Water chant at Standing Rock




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